AVG Total Access Fund

AVG's broadest and most diversified fund

What Is The Total Access Fund?

Invest in all AVG deals

AVG’s Total Access Fund provides a large, diverse portfolio of all AVG deals invested over one quarter, multiple quarters, or a full annual vintage.

  • All deals have been approved via our rigorous AVG approval process and scoring system
  • Own a large portfolio of investments diversified across sector, stage, geography, and lead investor
  • Single quarter: $50K minimum, ~50-75 investments, deployed over 3 months
  • Full annual vintage: $200K minimum, ~200-300 investments, deployed over 12 months
  • One of the broadest, most diverse products available

How It Works

Data-driven and process-based investors

Robust Deal Sourcing and Diligence

  • Dozens of investment professionals sourcing and vetting deals out of 5 offices
  • Supplemented by support from our network of 550k subscribers and community members
  • Data-rich and process-based vetting and due diligence with rigorous deal scoring
  • Co-investing alongside established VC firms
  • Participate in best add-on investments from a portfolio of ~600 previous investments provide additional opportunities for the portfolio

AVG’s Investment Process

  • We evaluate each deal on four measures: Lead Investor Quality, Deal Valuation and Terms, Growth Opportunity for the Company, and the Management Team
  • AVG’s centralized investment team, led by our CIO and Office of Investing, formulaically allocates a portion of our total AVG investment into the Total Access Fund
  • Total Access Funds portfolios are constructed in quarterly increments, with ~50-75 investments added per quarter

AVG's Investing Process


We’ve made over ~600 investments, 93 of which have had a positive liquidity event or upround, and AVG has become one of the most active VC firms in the world. How? Our deal teams gain access to the most promising deals across the venture spectrum, and how our community of 550k subscribers and community members helps cultivate those opportunities.

We Offer Smart, Simple Venture Portfolios

Actively Managed VC Portfolios with Community


  • Portfolio consists of vetted companies, diversified by stage, sector, geography, and lead manager
  • Fund is constructed in quarterly increments
  • Venture portfolio professionally constructed by our experienced investment team
  • Co-investing alongside the established venture investors
  • Leveraging Modern Portfolio Theory to build a large diversified portfolios to improve the portfolios risk/reward profile


  • Single quarter: $50K minimum, ~50-75 investments, deployed over 3 months
  • Full annual vintage: $200K minimum, ~200-300 investments, deployed over 12 months
  • Click here to read about our fees
  • White-glove services from our experienced Investor Relations team
  • 24/7 Investor Portal access
  • Receive one K-1 statement per fund investment

Total Access Portfolio

Made possible by our investment professionals and network of 550k community members


The AVG Syndicate


Syndications are opportunities to invest in single asset funds that give you more exposure to a specific company you may be excited about and in which one or more of our AVG Funds will also be investing.


How it works:

  • Investors can opt into Syndications as they wish.
  • Opportunities are sourced by our 40+ full-time investment professionals and our Office of Investments.
  • All opportunities have passed our diligence process and are being invested in by one or more of our funds.
  • Minimums are typically $25K per opportunity, or $10K for opportunities offered through your Venture Club(s).
  • Typically, only about 5-10% of our investments are offered to our Syndicate - normally when we are able to acquire a larger investment allocation.


Rigetti is a full-stack quantum computing start-up. It focuses on designing and manufacturing superconducting quantum integrated circuits, building software to enable quantum computing, and integrating its systems into a cloud infrastructure.

Co-investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Data Collective, and Y Combinator.



Tembo Health provides a telemedicine platform connecting nursing home residents with specialized care providers through an intuitive video chat platform. This enables patients to access convenient, high-value specialty medical care at a safe distance.

Co-investors include Bloomberg Beta Founder and General Partner Karen Klein.

Sample 2019 Deals

Total Access Fund Management Team

Led by experienced venture capitalists

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Jenny Craig

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Michael Collins
Chief Executive Officer, Board Chairman
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Andy Ervin
VP of Investment Operations

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Anton Simunovic
Chief Investment Officer

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