Smart, Simple Venture Investing

We Make It Easy to Add Venture Capital to Your Portfolio

Why Invest in Venture Capital?

VC Outperforms the S&P

Key Takeaways

VC has consistently outperformed the S&P

VC can do well, even when other asset classes don’t

Sophisticated investors put 5-15% of their portfolios in VC

Wealthy Family Offices & Endowments Invest 5 - 15% of Their Portfolio Into VC - Why Haven't You?

Existing Options Are Poor

Lack of access to the best deals

DIY is incredibly time intensive

Diversification is nearly impossible

We’re Your Answer for a Smart, Simple Venture Portfolio


  • Co-invest with top venture firms
  • Full-time staff of 50+ working out of 6 regional offices
  • Rigorous, process-based due diligence


  • One set of paperwork, one check, one K-1
  • Own a portfolio of 15-30 diverse venture investments
  • 24/7 secure online portal & white glove support

How to Invest with Us