Scott Murphy KC Section 1 Post#1 December 6, 2019

Playing Hard in the Early Innings

How a $50k Venture Investment Can Potentially Become a Multi-Million Payout

Hitting Home Runs in Venture by Playing Early in the Game

December 6, 2019 | Scott Murphy

Slack, Pinterest, Zoom, Lyft, Uber. Which ones would you have chosen to back at the venture stage — and which at IPO?

In our white paper, Playing Hard in the Early Innings, Ring Ventures Principal Alexandra “Sasha” Jostrom-Reiser makes the case for venture. She explains how companies are staying private longer, leaving public market investors waiting in the cold. She also gives specific examples how the venture investor can potentially realize greater gains vs. the IPO participant.

As she states, “Simply put, tremendous value is being created in private markets that you lose out on if you wait to play the public market.”

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About Sasha

Alexandra “Sasha” Jostrom-Reiser joined Ring Ventures from AVG’s Office of Investing, where she focused on sourcing, analysis, and research. Previously, Sasha was a Management Consultant at Stax, Inc., a boutique consulting firm that specializes in private investment diligence and growth strategy engagements. Sasha also worked at a private equity-backed startup in the seafood industry and within the Strategic Planning and Marketing group at Brown Brothers Harriman. Sasha has an MA (Honours) from the University of St. Andrews and an MBA from Cornell University. She volunteers her time as a Judge and Mentor for MassChallenge and an Alumni Ambassador for Cornell’s Johnson School of Business.

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