Getting Started in Venture

Discover why AVG's strategy, team, and portfolio offer unrivaled options for individual investors

Is Venture a Good Fit For You?

Accredited investors can earn higher returns through venture compared to public markets. Learn more about the history and performance of the venture capital asset class.

Part 1 of 5:

The Importance of a Large, Diversified Venture Portfolio

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Part 2 of 5:

Venture Returns Outperform Public Markets

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hitting home runs in venture
Part 3 of 5:

Hitting Home Runs in Venture by Playing Early in the Game

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What Sea Turtles Can Teach Us About Venture Capital Diversification
Part 4 of 5:

What Sea Turtles Can Teach Us About Venture Capital Diversification

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Part 5 of 5:

The Importance of VC When Building a Diversified Portfolio

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How Do We Create Smart Venture Portfolios?

Discover how we produce high-quality venture portfolios for our investors. AVG deal sourcing, diligence, and investment strategies are backbone.

AVG Deal Awareness and Sourcing Process
Part 1 of 3:

AVG’s Investing Process

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Part 2 of 3:

Investment Strategy Series: Deal Awareness & Sourcing

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People co-investing
Part 3 of 3:

Co-Investing with Top Venture Firms in Select Deals

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AVG Leadership

AVG employs over 100 back office and investment professionals, all working to deliver our investors high-quality professionally-managed venture portfolios

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Luke Antal
Chief Community Officer

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Michael Collins
Chief Executive Officer

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Sue Lock
Chief Financial Officer

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Beth Obermiller
Chief of Staff

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Anton Simunovic
Chief Investment Officer

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Colin Van Ostern
Chief Operating Officer

The AVG Portfolio

We co-invest alongside the world’s top venture firms, and build high-quality professionally-managed portfolios that would otherwise be inaccessible to most individuals and many institutions

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