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“As an investor in Chestnut Street Ventures, I have had the opportunity to participate in some exciting early stage companies led by Penn Alums. Co-investors have included a group of elite Venture Capital Funds that I would not have had access to as an individual investor.”

Carol CurleyCFA & Investor in Chestnut Street Ventures

“Castor Ventures is an amazing opportunity for MIT grads to get exposure to the VC-world, and specifically to MIT-helmed startups. I have gotten to learn about a wide array of MIT-connected companies in different industries, learn how they are breaking new ground, and invest in them. Castor Ventures is amazingly well-run thanks to the expertise of Alain Hanover and Cainon Coates, who are very knowledgeable and accessible. This has been a great experience for me and also can be for other MIT grads.”

William ChuangCastor Ventures Investor

“When I got involved in Green D, I did so hoping it would be enjoyable to interact with others in the Dartmouth community and maybe help give back in a useful way. All of that has been true in spades, but I’ve been very surprised by the strength and quality of the deal flow – I just wasn’t aware of the number of outstanding entrepreneurs around the College and the incredible things they’re involved with. Of course, as Dartmouth folks, they’re willingness to engage and share with us is beyond generous. In addition, the Green D team does a tremendous job in getting us a look, winnowing down the pipeline, putting together concise diligence packages and allowing the investment committee to make quick and high quality decisions. Not only has it been rewarding to be involved but I hope and expect now it will also be rewarding financially for the investors.”

Chansoo Joung D'83, T'87Green D Ventures Investor

Focused Funds

Own a venture portfolio following specific investment strategies

Minimum investment: $50K

Focused Strategies
Hard-to-Access Opportunities
Augment Your Overall Venture Portfolio Strategy

“I’ve been very impressed by my experience investing with Purple Arch Ventures. The management team is constructing a compelling portfolio with a high level of intelligence, due diligence, and professionalism. In addition, the investment committee is experienced and diverse, drawing from a wide range of perspectives including industry, geography, age, and gender. And as an investor, making the investment in PAV was clear and well-organized, using state-of-the-art digital communications and platforms. I highly recommend investing with Purple Arch Ventures as a professional way to diversify your investment portfolio with venture funded companies.”

Kristin McDonnellManaging Partner of Menlo Group

“I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the deals and the vast network that can be drawn upon. What they are operating is very smart and long overdue.”

Matt TheallInvestment Committee Member

“As an Investor and Investment Committee member, I have been extremely impressed with the quality and quantity of viable investment opportunities presented. The review process has been seamless and extremely professional. A high level of diligence is performed upfront and information is provided in a very thorough and timely manner. The overall communication has been outstanding and I feel highly confident with PAV’s investment strategy and execution.”

David MusonManaging Partner Kirenaga Partners