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EP 30: Former NASA Engineer Launches His Own Rockets to Protect Our Planet
December 7, 2018 Payam Banazadeh | CEO and Founder of Capella Space

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the ensuing confusion deeply troubled Payam Banazadeh, a Stanford grad and former NASA satellite engineer. So he created Capella Space.

EP 29: A Business Idea So Good, the VCs Came Knocking on Her Door
November 28, 2018 Chelsea Brownridge | CEO and Co-founder of DogSpot

When DogSpot launched in Brooklyn, Chelsea Brownridge's startup attracted so much media attention that venture capitalists started cold-calling her for investment opportunities.

EP 28: Three Things Berkeley Grads Should Know About VC
November 26, 2018 Peter Loukianoff | Managing Partner of Strawberry Creek Ventures

Peter Loukianoff, Managing Partner of Strawberry Creek Ventures, believes Cal grads have a unique opportunity to leverage their Berkeley affiliation to foster and profit from next-generation companies spun out of its ecosystem.

EP 27: How AVG Provides Access to More and Better Venture Capital Jobs
November 15, 2018 Luke Antal and Weston Moyer | Founder and VP of the Venture Fellow Program

AVG is disrupting the venture capital industry by giving individual investors access to the most competitive venture deals and by creating a career path for aspiring VCs.

EP 26: Yes, Cryptoassets Can Be Used as Collateral Against Loans. Just Ask BlockFi’s Zac Prince.
October 24, 2018 Zac Prince | CEO and Founder of BlockFi

Banks have been wary to count cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether as solid assets when generating loans, so BlockFi's Zac Prince developed a new kind of lending platform that welcomes alternative assets.