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EP 25: How Edrizio De La Cruz Became a Y Combinator Success Story
October 16, 2018 Edrizio De La Cruz | CEO and Founder of Arcus

This founder journey is one of persistence and eventual success, as Edrizio De La Cruz took his million-dollar idea from the South Bronx to Silicon Valley.

EP 24: How a 6-Year-Old’s Challenge Sparked a Multi-Million Dollar Business
October 16, 2018 Alex Klein | CEO and Co-Founder of Kano

When Alex Klein's cousin asked for a computer kit "as simple and fun as Lego," Klein responded with a product that is changing the face of computing.

EP 23: How AVG Became One of the Most Active VC Firms in the World
September 26, 2018 Tom "TK" Kuegler | CIO at Alumni Ventures Group

Tom "TK" Kuegler, Chief Investment Officer at AVG, explains how venture investing works and how AVG quickly became one of the most active venture capital firms in the world.

EP 22: Invest in the Right Founders and Returns Will Follow
September 25, 2018 David Shapiro | Managing Partner of Blue Ivy Ventures

Yale’s entrepreneurial chops are sometimes understated, but David Shapiro, Managing Partner of Blue Ivy Ventures, believes the founders in his fund’s portfolio could change that perception.

EP 21: The New Way to Invest in the Next Great Startup
September 25, 2018 Lynn-Ann Gries | Managing Partner of First Check Fund

Lynn-Ann Gries, Managing Partner of the First Check Fund, invested in Ohio's first "unicorn." Learn what that means and how she intends to find more incredible seed startups with enormous promise.

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