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EP 17: Every Minute Counts for This CEO
August 15, 2018 Michael Martin | CEO and Co-Founder of RapidSOS

Michael Martin and his team at RapidSOS are building technology that will soon be integrated into the iPhone. When that happens, having the latest iOS upgrade could save your life. Listen to this podcast to hear how the journey started for this inspiring entrepreneur and what he plans to do next to make the world a better, safer, more-connected environment.

EP 16: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?
August 2, 2018 Sanjay Gupta | Entrepreneurial Tech Innovator

The entrepreneur Sanjay Gupta made a bold career move after realizing he’d earned a great education but had almost no real-world experience. Now he’s a prolific inventor and a mentor to the next generation of consumer electronics developers in the Penn and MIT networks and beyond. In this podcast, Sanjay shares the lessons he learned outside the classroom.

EP 15: Reinventing an Overly Processed Category–One Scoop at a Time
July 13, 2018 Robyn Sue Fisher | Founder and CEO of Smitten Ice Cream

Frustrated that ice cream manufacturers valued shelf life more than taste and quality, this Stanford MBA graduate set out to freshen up an overly industrialized category. Nearly a decade later, she figured it out.

EP 14: Why Founders Should Avoid Outside Money for as Long as Possible
July 3, 2018 Mike Collins | Founder and CEO of Alumni Ventures Group

Before you take venture capital, angel investments or anything more than "friends and family" money, listen to this interview. Experienced founder and VC, Mike Collins, says there is only one good reason to take institutional money for your business.

EP 13: The Most Important Class You Didn’t Take
June 8, 2018 Tom "TK" Kuegler | CIO at Alumni Ventures Group

This experienced venture capitalist says you must be good at sales to succeed in any type of business. Here's TK's advice on how to become an effective salesperson and why that skill relates to VC.

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