Emerging Markets Fund


While the past 50 years of venture investing have been largely dominated by three key venture hubs in the U.S.— California, New York, and Boston—arguably the future will be different. We envision a much more diffuse market within the U.S. and globally, offering access to innovative companies at more attractive valuations. In the U.S., we see geographic arbitrage through great startups in Seattle, Austin, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, and more. Across the world, ecosystems like Canada, Israel, India, and parts of Europe and China are particularly active.

As is typically the case with AVG funds, we will diversify the portfolio by sector, stage, and lead investor across 20-30 companies. In addition, this fund insures that you automatically have an allocation to deals in emerging U.S. and international markets, providing a further level of diversification. Besides leveraging our community to source new opportunities, we can also invest in follow-on rounds of some of the ~450 companies in our existing portfolio.

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