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We Offer Smart, Simple Venture Portfolios

We make it easy to own a portfolio of great venture-backed companies


  1. Large portfolios diversified by stage, sector, geography, and lead investors
  2. Professionally managed and co-investing alongside established VCs
  3. One check, simple tax documents, online 24/7 investor portal
  4. Exclusive investor benefits

Supplement with Focused Funds

Construct your own venture portfolio based on ideas that resonate with you

  1. Open to all accredited investors
  2. $25K minimums
  3. ~20-30 companies with a thematic investment strategy
  4. Co-invest alongside established lead investors

Anti-Bias Fund – CLOSED
Backing diverse teams and business models addressing systemic bias
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Emerging Markets Fund – CLOSED
Investing in ventures beyond Silicon Valley and across the world
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Deep Tech Fund – NOW OPEN
Ventures tackling the biggest tech opportunities
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Blockchain Fund – NOW OPEN
Ventures innovating through blockchain tech
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Seed Fund – OPEN Q4 2021
A large, diversified portfolio of seed and pre-seed investments
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Focused Fund Portfolio

Made possible by our ~50 investment professionals and network of 550k subscribers and community members

Focused Funds Investment Committee

Below are the AVG investing team members on our Focused Fund Nomination Committee, who determine if deals invested in and nominated by our various AVG funds are a fit for AVG Focused Funds. In evaluating deals, the Committee considers fit with the fund thesis and portfolio diversity across sector, stage, and geography. The Committee roster changes quarterly but is by policy 60% diverse (i.e., nonwhite male).

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Cainon Coates

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Nancy Fechnay
Senior Principal

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Alim Giga
Senior Principal

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Brian Keil
Managing Partner

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Anton Simunovic
Chief Investing Officer
Notable Deals:

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Edward Tsai
Managing Partner

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Michael Yuann
Director of Investment Operations

Focused Funds Team

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Investment Strategy

Co-investing alongside established lead investors

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Alumni Ventures was recognized by Pitchbook as the most active VC firm in the U.S. in 2020.



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