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Smart, simple venture investing

Why Invest in Venture Capital

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  1. Today, most value is being created by private companies
  2. Smart diversification during market volatility
  3. Access to deals most individuals have no shot at

FACT:  Wealthy family offices & endowments invest 5-15% of their portfolio in venture capital

We Offer Smart, Simple Venture Portfolios

We make it easy to own a portfolio of great venture-backed companies

  1. Large portfolios diversified by stage, sector, and geography
  2. Professionally managed and co-investing alongside world’s best VCs
  3. One check, simple tax documents, online 24/7 investor portal
  4. Exclusive investor benefits

Supplement with Focused Funds

Construct your own venture portfolio based on ideas that resonate with you

  1. Open to all accredited investors
  2. $10K minimums alongside investment with AVG Select Fund
  3. 40 – 50 companies with a thematic investment strategy
  4. Co-Invest alongside the worlds best venture investors

Elite Engineers Fund
Tech Solving the Hardest Problems
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First Check Fund
Highest Returns, Highest Risk Startups
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Frontier Fund
Invest in Up-and-Coming US Regions
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Social Impact Fund
Impact-driven Venture
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Women’s Fund
Women-led Startups
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Focused Fund Portfolio

Made possible by our 50+ investment professionals and network of 500k community members
The bottom line: access to great venture deals

Focused Funds Management Team

Led by experienced venture capitalists

Notable Deals:
Jenny Craig

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Michael Collins
Chief Executive Officer, Board Chairman
Notable Deals:

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Alain Hanover
Senior Partner

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Jim Hurst
Senior Partner

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Anton Simunovic
Chief Investment Officer

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Deborah Walden
Senior Partner

Investment Strategy

Co-investing alongside top lead investors

Our Secret Sauce

The world’s most powerful deal flow network



500k alumni of top universities engaged in our venture ecosystem.



AVG was recognized by PitchBook as the most active VC firm in the U.S. in 2018.



Invest in deals most individuals never know about or get access to.