AVG Investment Process

Flexible Check. Low Friction. Large Rolodex.


AVG is stage and industry agnostic – we consider opportunities from all industries, from pre-seed to pre-IPO stage.  We are also purely follow-on investors, meaning we don’t lead rounds or dictate terms. Below are some of the criteria we consider when evaluating an investment opportunity:

  • Team – Expertise in the industry, start-up experience, success, and history of team cohesiveness
  • Company Traction / Performance – Given the stage of the company and the amount of capital it has raised, how much traction has it achieved to date
  • Market Dynamics – Given the factors that effect the business model of the company
  • Lead Investor – Who’s leading the deal and what kind of experience do they have with this industry
  • Deal Structure – Structure of the round and valuation

Low Friction

With AVG’s model, we’re able to run an extremely low-friction process, meaning we take very little of the management team’s time to complete our diligence and execute our investment.  A few other details of this approach:

  • We don’t negotiate terms – we invest along the deal terms that have already been established
  • We don’t request board or observer seats
  • We always show up as one line item on the cap table, even if multiple AVG funds participate in a round

Flexible Check Size

AVG has no minimum check size, which allows us to work well as a complement to other investors, rather than a competitor:

  • We can flex our check size from as little as $25K up to $3M, depending on the dynamics of the round and the needs of the company
  • Given our complementary nature with other VC’s, we’re often able to make introductions to relevant VC’s to help fill out the round when needed


Raising Capital?

Submit Your Company for Funding

Once you submit your information, we will review the details. If the opportunity fits our investment model and our current portfolio needs, then one of our investment teams will reach out to schedule a call.