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EP 64: A Lifestyle Device Enabling Data-Driven Health
November 24, 2020 Josh Clemente | Co-Founder of Levels Health

Levels Health has built a wearable device and dashboard that measures your metabolism, offering personalized insights into how different foods affect your body and well-being. Co-Founder Josh Clemente discusses how his background at SpaceX led him to launch Levels, the importance of metabolic fitness, and how his company’s wearable device allows users to monitor and reinforce healthy habits.

New Basecamp Investment: Centered
November 24, 2020

We’re pleased to introduce another addition to the AVG Basecamp Fund. Centered is a workplace productivity app tackling a familiar problem with a new approach and business model, fostering productivity AND wellness.

Infographic: 5 Surprising Facts About Venture Investing
November 20, 2020

Venture capital can be an appropriate addition to an accredited investor’s portfolio for many reasons. However, the asset class is often misunderstood. The infographic below addresses five commonly held misconceptions about venture capital.

Seeding the Future: How AVG Brings Its Special Sauce to Seed Investing
November 20, 2020

Today’s discussion with our four MPs focuses on the special advantages, resources, and team dynamics that AVG brings to seed investing. The team includes four full-time Managing Partners, based in three key venture hubs (San Francisco, NYC, and Chicago), plus four other full-time Principals and Analysts.

Alumni Ventures Group Selects Parallel Markets as Accreditation Vendor of Choice
November 20, 2020

AVG has announced that it will partner with investor identity platform Parallel Markets to provide simple, easy accreditation for AVG’s investors.

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