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Activ Surgical: Empowering Surgeons to Save Lives
October 5, 2021

Activ is a digital surgery company focused on improving surgical efficiency, accuracy, patient outcomes, and accessibility. The company has developed a scalable and patent-protected surgical software platform driven by computer vision, artificial intelligence, analytics, and machine learning. Activ’s core mission is to enhance a surgeon’s intraoperative decision-making and reduce unintended and preventable surgical complications.

Spartan: Better Autonomous Solutions on the RADAR
October 5, 2021

Alumni Ventures portfolio company Spartan is helping refine and adapt radar technology to today’s high-tech world through a solution that enables the full potential of radar performance. The company’s innovative software and signal processing make radar more valuable and adaptable to a wider range of today’s demanding applications.

AVTV: Alumni Ventures
October 4, 2021

Alumni Ventures brings smart, simple venture capital to individual investors. Mike Collins, Founder and CEO of Alumni Ventures, discusses the inspiration for building the company and how it has grown, the community that provides AV its competitive advantage, and the lessons learned from building a disruptive company.

5 Questions with GigLabs
October 4, 2021

We’re pleased to highlight GigLabs, one of the first additions to this year’s Blockchain Fund portfolio. GigLabs helps brands build immersive digital experiences and collectible NFTs — unique digital assets that are disrupting the concept of ownership. Read a Q&A with CEO Douglas Dimola to learn how GigLabs is helping major brands tap into blockchain tech. 

Taking a Closer Look at Alumni Ventures’ Seed Fund
October 4, 2021

Alumni Ventures’ Seed Fund features a large, diversified portfolio of seed and pre-seed investments. The fund is actively managed by a full-time team of investment professionals based in strategic venture hubs across the country. For a deeper look at our investment thesis and outlook for this year’s Seed Fund, we interviewed Chief Investment Officer Anton Simunovic.

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