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Anti-Bias Fund: Addressing Systemic Bias in the U.S. Healthcare System
February 15, 2021

Melissa Hanna, CEO of Mahmee, discusses how her company is aiming to dismantle systemic racism in the U.S. healthcare industry.

Insights on AVG’s Anti-Bias Fund from Our Investing Team
February 11, 2021

We interviewed some of AVG’s investing team members to speak to their experience as VCs who come from underrepresented groups and who are backing diverse founders and businesses.

Benefits of Venture Investing Part 3: You Could Further Diversify Your Portfolio
February 10, 2021

Part 3 in a 5 part series on the benefits of adding venture capital to your portfolio.

Enable: A Leading Collaboration Platform for Trading Agreements
February 9, 2021

Enable’s enterprise platform allows both manufacturers and distributors to more quickly and easily plan, execute, and track trading agreements involving rebates, discounts, royalties, purchase income, and back margin.

Cornelis Networks: Solving the Toughest Computing Problems
February 4, 2021

Alumni Ventures Group portfolio company Cornelis Networks is one of the few cluster computing providers servicing the needs of large enterprises and research labs. The company develops high-performance interconnects between computers, networks, and applications, enabling them to operate as a single supercomputing cluster. 

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