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Wasabi: High-Speed Hot Cloud Storage
June 18, 2020

Wasabi provides open, reliable, and easy-to-use cloud storage that is compatible with Amazon’s S3 API at a fraction of the cost. The company offers a single-tier approach that removes many barriers to entry, allowing customers and IT professionals to focus on storage and functionality rather than confusion with pricing and set-up.

CommonBond: Simpler, Smarter Student Loans
June 16, 2020

CommonBond focuses on helping ultra-creditworthy millennials manage their student debt by lowering monthly student loans while providing a simpler process, better customer service, and much lower financing rates than the federal government or private banks.

Medivis: A New Perspective on Medical Imaging
June 15, 2020

Medivis is using augmented reality and artificial intelligence to facilitate advanced medical imaging and surgical visualization. In just four years, Medivis has already built a robust sales pipeline and partnered with industry leaders like Microsoft, Magic Leap, and Verizon. 

Emulate: Changing the Paradigm of Drug Development
June 12, 2020

Emulate has developed “organ-on-a-chip” technology for a variety of applications across the healthcare domain, including drug discovery. The company’s solutions allow researchers to more accurately mimic human physiology in clinical trials. 

Post-COVID Investment Announcement: Betterview
June 12, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that we have made our second investment into the Post-COVID Fund: Betterview. The company provides remote property inspection to property & casualty insurers for underwriting purposes. While COVID-19 made in-person property inspections impossible in most states, Betterview’s virtual SaaS offering accelerated.

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