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Don’t Go the Venture Road Alone
January 24, 2020

At Alumni Ventures Group, we have an informal tagline of “better together.” This isn’t simply a feel-good statement – it’s a formula for smart venture investing. Our investors know that it’s our “connected capital” that gets us into deals that few individuals could access. It’s true that many investors we speak to are familiar with venture, and may have even dabbled. For most, that experience usually involves being approached by a friend or relative to invest in a one-off deal. Apart from the convenience (which is actually a huge warning sign), statistics and common sense should guide them to steer clear of that situation.

Chris Sheldrick, what3words Founder, Turns Navigation Struggle Into Entrepreneurial Success
January 22, 2020

what3words has segmented the entire world into a grid of 57 trillion 10-foot squares and assigned each a unique three-word address. We love how they’ve solved a worldwide geolocation problem with a brilliantly simple solution for navigation, events, emergency, and more. Backed by major global players like Daimler, Subaru, Intel, and Sony, our investment in […]

Becoming a Value-Added Investor in Rhone
January 20, 2020

Rhone is a great example of the type of exciting, rapid-growth company AVG investors have the opportunity to own in their venture portfolio. This men’s premium performance apparel brand was founded in 2014 and has since grown triple digits annually with products in 350+ locations. A Yale alumni connection introduced AVG to Rhone founder, Nate […]

Why Consider Investing in Venture Capital?
January 15, 2020

Every day, our team speaks with hundreds of people interested in learning more about venture capital, and how Alumni Ventures Group can build them a smart, simple venture portfolio. We discuss some of the frequently asked questions we receive, starting with the key reasons investors should consider venture capital. 

EP 59: Applying Analytics to Address Biases in the Workplace
January 7, 2020 Timi Dayo-Kayode | Co-Founder and CEO of Worksense

Timi Dayo-Kayode co-founded Worksense to provide people ops professionals with scalable, real-time analytics for identifying, mitigating, and preventing biases in major decisions involving employees. Timi is a Grant Recipient from the 10,000 Entrepreneurs program (or 10KE), a nonprofit founded by Alumni Ventures Group to help young adults explore entrepreneurial careers.

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