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A list of the fund's investments since its inception in Q4'17

BLOCKSTACK is creating a new internet for decentralized apps, giving users control over their identity, data, and security. Its open source platform lets developers access tools to create consumer-facing apps and run them through the Blockstack browser. Information is encrypted and stored on users’ personal devices. There are no middlemen, passwords, or massive data silos to breach. Co-investors include Union Square Ventures, Winkelvoss Capital, Blockchain Capital, and Naval Ravikant.


BOOMERANG is a blockchain-based platform expected to enable a global system of online reviews, loyalty rewards programs and tipping based on verified transactions. The platform aims to eliminate or reduce the number of unverified reviews and restore trust in ratings. Participants in the platform will be rewarded with Kudos tokens that can be used across a number of participating businesses. The platform is based on Ethereum public blockchain, allowing businesses to easily integrate the protocol into their platforms. We participated in a presale that included Galaxy Digital and Alphabit Fund.


FILECOIN is a decentralized storage network that runs a cloud data storage market on the blockchain. Filecoin’s goal is to leverage the vast amounts of unused computer storage around the world. Individuals and businesses pay to have data stored on the network. Content is encrypted end to end at the client, and storage providers don’t have access to decryption keys. We participated in a $52M presale that included Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Union Square Ventures.


EVERNYM is a decentralized, blockchain-based digital-identity solution that gives users control of their own identity at all times. Evernym is striving to replace today’s centralized intermediaries with secure universal protocols to reduce fraud, simplify login, and reduce red tape. Its solution broadens the definition of identity beyond name and social security number to include aspects such as healthcare records, property ownership details, and financial status. Using Evernym, users retain control of their identity, while being able to easily share specific information with multiple entities in a cryptographically secure manner. We invested in Evernym’s token pre-sale alongside Outlier Ventures.


MTONOMY empowers media artists and businesses with a complete blockchain infrastructure to publish, license and monetize their content (e.g. text, audio, image, video, VR) directly.  Mtonomy is building the foundation for the next generation media industry — one that is transparent, instantaneous, and equally accessible to all.  Every track is immutably published to a public blockchain; it can evolve over decades, and can be reused, repurposed or remixed legally in compliance with its (machine-readable) smart contracts.  We participated in a seed round alongside investors such as the Valor Capital Group and Hyperplane Ventures.


PROPS by YouNow is a decentralized ecosystem of video applications. Its first application, Rize, is a many-to-many social video app that enables users to chat with friends in real-time, engage with content creators, and watch linear content together. Leveraging Rize, the PROPS token is used by PROPS apps to reward content creators and other digital media contributors. PROPS is striving to create a more balanced and equitable digital media ecosystem that is not controlled by a few key actors. The PROPS platform currently boasts over 40M registered users. We co-invested with Union Square Ventures, Venrock, and Comcast Ventures.


TARI is a blockchain-powered solution for digital assets co-founded by entertainment industry entrepreneurs from TicketWeb, TicketMaster, and Ticketfly. The CTO of the project was the prime mover behind Monero—a top-10 listed cryptoasset. With an initial focus on improving concert tickets, they have plans to expand into the virtual goods marketplace by providing loyalty points and in-game purchases. Concert tickets are currently a static experience with a large secondary market that is prone to fraud and prevents artists/venues from realizing the full value of their fan’s expenditure.

TRUSTTOKEN is a trusted, global platform for tokenizing, controlling, and transacting real-world assets on the blockchain. TrustToken is a legally enforceable, cross-jurisdictional property and tax law solution to create a bridge between blockchain and assets. The company has set up the tools to facilitate secure transactions such as real estate investments using smart contract escrow and early liquidity of intellectual property. We participated in TrustToken’s token pre-sale alongside Founders Fund, StartX, and BlockTower Capital.