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Alumni Ventures Portfolio Companies in the Forbes Next 1000 (So Far)

Alumni Ventures Portfolio Companies in the Forbes Next 1000 (So Far)

June 17, 2021 | Abree Murch

Forbes’ Next 1000 is a year-round initiative that is showcasing the entrepreneurial heroes in the United States who are building bold new ventures. Nominees must have a maximum $10 million in revenue or Series A funding. The Summer 2021 cohort was announced today — here are the Alumni Ventures portfolio companies that have made this year’s list so far:


Amy Fan — Cofounder, Twentyeight Health

“Leading a DTC skincare & makeup startup, Fan was inspired by the focus on deeply understanding her customers. She wants to bring a human-centric approach to healthcare, putting the patient first. She is passionate about gender equity in healthcare, the work place, and beyond. Prior to being the GM of a DTC skincare startup, Fan was a consultant at Bain & Company.”


Travis Holoway — Cofounder, SoLo Funds

“While working as a financial advisor, Holoway was frustrated by the way the many Americans who live paycheck-to-paycheck are treated by the financial system, and particularly predatory payday lenders. In 2018, Holoway founded SoLo Funds, a mobile lending marketplace that connects people willing to lend money with borrowers in need of cash. Borrowers set their terms and lenders can agree to accept or move on; loans are capped at $1,000.”


Carolyn Rodz — Cofounder, Hello Alice

“A former investment banker with JP Morgan, Rodz channeled her funding experience into creating Hello Alice, an online platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for aspiring entrepreneurs, connecting them with funders, services and professional networks. Rodz originally cofounded the Houston-based company with Elizabeth Gore in 2017 to serve as an accelerator for women-owned businesses. It’s since grown to work with all clients, and has raised $8.5 million.”


Natalie Walton — Cofounder, Expectful

“Pregnancy rates plummeted during the pandemic, but stress on young moms soared. After first being a customer and then serving as an advisor, Walton joined Expectful in September 2020 as a late-stage cofounder and CEO. Now she is transforming her pregnancy-meditation app into a wellness company for new and aspiring mothers. Walton, an alum of Google and Airbnb, offers guides on stress and parenting, plus virtual support groups and remote yoga classes. Subscription revenue could top $2 million in 2021. In January, she raised a $4 million-plus seed round from investors including Harlem Capital and the Sequoia Scout Fund.”


Alumni Ventures is a network-powered venture firm helping accredited individuals become more successful venture investors.  Alumni Ventures was the most active venture capital investor in the U.S. in 2020 (per Pitchbook 2020 Global League Tables).

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