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Anti-Bias Fund Closing at the End of March

We have made six Anti-Bias Fund investments, some with diverse founding teams, others with business models addressing systemic bias

Anti-Bias Fund Closing at the End of March

March 10, 2021 | Ashley Brindamour

Thanks to everyone who has chosen to invest in our Anti-Bias Fund. To date, we’ve raised ~$2.5M from 60+ investors. Many have expressed their enthusiasm for our mission to do good by supporting diversity and do well by our investors by backing promising companies.

We’re also pleased to report that the fund is making a difference in our ability to access investment opportunities. Some entrepreneurs have welcomed us more enthusiastically into rounds when they hear about our Anti-Bias Fund commitment.

To date, we have made six investments in the portfolio — some with diverse founding teams, others with business models addressing systemic bias, and some featuring both. As you can see below, we’re also delivering on our promise of portfolio diversity.

If you’d like to join us, note that the fund closes to new investors at the end of March. Particularly if you’re interested in investing via a self-directed IRA, you should contact us soon since that takes some time to set up.


Fund Closing March 31

The Anti-Bias Fund offers investors a portfolio of ~20-30 venture investments that are led by diverse founders/teams or feature a business model addressing systemic biases. Click below to review fund materials, along with case studies on Alumni Ventures portfolio companies that demonstrate the kind of investments we might add to the Anti-Bias Fund. You can also book a call with a Senior Partner if you have questions or want to learn more.

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Sample Anti-Bias Fund Investments

Below is a sample of companies from the ABF portfolio, illustrating the variety we’re delivering to investors. Other investments (still not public) include companies in messaging enhancements, medical payments, and fertility care.


CodeSignal (CS) is speeding up the technical talent assessment of candidates for engineering and programming positions. The company has created an interview platform where non-technical HR employees can conduct a real-time, bias-free coding assessment of a candidate’s technical capabilities — reducing resource constraints for companies. In addition, CodeSignal has already become the de facto standard to certify programming skills, with over 50% of CS grads nationwide obtaining a CodeSignal assessment score to put on their resumes. CodeSignal is targeting the gender and education bias implicit in many hiring processes, helping surface talent regardless of background.

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Join us on Wednesday, March 10, at 2:00 PM for an exclusive conversation with Travis Montaque, CEO of Alumni Ventures portfolio company Holler — one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020. We’ll hear about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey, why he turned down his dream job on Wall Street to start his own business, and the challenges and opportunities he faced as a diverse founder. You’ll also learn more about what Holler does, the impact they’re making, and where they’re heading. Click below to register.

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Watch our past Anti-Bias Fund webinars.

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SoLo Funds is a mobile lending exchange that provides affordable access for loans under $1,000 over a duration of five to 30 days. Through its peer-to-peer marketplace, SoLo Funds facilitates “micro” loans between individual lenders and borrowers. The company is aiming to reinvent community banking while disrupting the notorious payday lending industry, which is known for charging usury-like interest rates to low-income, short-term borrowers. SoLo is led by an African American CEO and addresses the needs of underserved low income groups.

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Yumi is a data-driven, direct-to-consumer, organic baby food brand aiming to disrupt the $40 billion U.S. early childhood nutrition market. While legacy brands have 90% market share, they sell products that are processed, high in sugar, and low in nutrition. By leveraging nutrition science, better data, and content, Yumi is offering a superior, healthier option that parents can trust for children 5 months to 5 years. The company was co-founded by two women.

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Join our Anti-Bias Fund by March 31

AVG’s Anti-Bias Fund offers a portfolio of ~20-30 venture investments that are led by a diverse founding team or feature a business model addressing systemic biases. ~20% of the fund is reserved for follow-on investments. Minimum starts at $25K. There’s still time to join us. You can click below to explore fund materials, or connect with us here to book a call.

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Contact for additional information. To see additional risk factors and investment considerations, visit


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