Scott Murphy AVG Podcasts February 20, 2020

Meet a UCLA Bruin Helping His Fellow Alums Invest in Venture Capital

Anderson School MBA Larry Jen discusses his investment background and decision to join Westwood Ventures.

EP 62: Meet a UCLA Bruin Helping His Fellow Alums Invest in Venture Capital

Larry Jen | Managing Partner of Westwood Ventures

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Episode Summary

Larry Jen is Managing Partner of Westwood Ventures, a venture capital fund for accredited UCLA alums under the umbrella of Alumni Ventures Group. A graduate of The Anderson School at UCLA, Larry is an experienced investor, business adviser, and investment banker. His extensive industry experience includes managing investment portfolios for the family offices of two prominent Seattle technology and telecom billionaires. We had a chance to catch up with him to talk about his decision to join Westwood Ventures and why UCLA alums should add venture capital to their portfolio.

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