Club Listings

Investors are invited to apply for membership in any Semi-Private Club or join any Public Clubs that interests them.

Private Clubs

Closed to new members

Hawthorne Hawthorne Advisors employees
Ocean Drive Private family

Semi-Private Clubs

Application required

Bleecker Street NYU alumni and ecosystem
Canal Walk Rhode Island School of Design alumni and ecosystem
Del Mar Caltech alumni and ecosystem
Forbes Avenue Carnegie Mellon alumni ecosystem
Fuller Park UMichigan alumni and ecosystem
Garland Avenue Vanderbilt alumni and ecosystem
Golden Gate UC Davis and UCSF alumni and ecosystem
Laureate UChicago ecosystem and friends of the community
MFV Minority founders
Minutemen Venture Club Boston area founders
Morses Pond Babson alumni and ecosystem
NorthStar NoVA Techies Venture Club
Opportunities Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Regent Park London Business School US-based alumni
Ring Venture Club Texas A&M former students
Sports Legacy Former or current coaches of revenue D1 and pro sports
Starting Gate UChicago Venture Club, exclusively for women investors

Public Clubs


Deal Talk AVG’s Investment Office of Investing
W2W Women investors