Venture Club FAQs

  1. What are AVG Venture Clubs? Clubs are groups of investors who want to share the experience of investing together by evaluating select Syndication deals. Some clubs also source deals. Clubs must have a minimum of three members.
  2. What are the benefits of Venture Clubs? It starts with building a diversified venture portfolio by investing in any AVG fund. From there, members can review regular opt-in Syndication deals. Clubs are intended to be a rewarding experience, with members learning, engaging, and networking around venture deals.
  3. What is an AVG Syndicate deal? AVG offers club members the chance to opt into a deal being done by an AVG fund where we’ve negotiated extra allocation. Members can review our due diligence materials and decide if they want to invest in that particular deal. The approximate number of deals your club will see is determined by your Club President, though we can’t guarantee the timing or nature of deals. Members are invited to discuss and score deals in an AVG-provided club portal.
  4. Must I invest in a fund—or can I just participate in Syndications? AVG strongly believes that opting into individual deals only makes sense in the context of owning a large, diversified venture portfolio. Thus, investing in a fund is both a cost of entry and reflects AVG’s venture investing conviction. Members can choose any AVG fund.
  5. Who can be in the club? All members who wish to invest must be accredited, but otherwise membership is up to you. (Non-accredited Associate Members are also welcome, but they cannot invest.) Classmates, friends, regional alumni groups, and angel networks are just a few club types.
  6. What funds are included under the Venture Clubs program? Given the close relationship between a club and its Sponsor Fund, many members choose to invest with that Sponsor. But, like Syndicate deal participation, investment selection is up to each member. Any AVG fund qualifies.
  7. What’s the process to create a Venture Club? It’s easy and AVG does most of the organization work. A President connects with AVG to discuss the process. AVG provides Presidents with materials to share with potential members and organizes a group call with AVG. Each member commits individually to a fund (the club is not a legal entity, and each members has an individual AVG account). The set-up process wraps in 30 days or less. AVG then provides a private club platform where the group can discuss their venture deals, review and score deals, and socialize.
  8. What’s the process to join an existing Venture Club? Browse the list of Public Clubs here and then apply to join a club that interests you. We’ll forward your information to the President and let you know if it’s a good match.
  9. What are the roles of the President and Founding Members? The President is the member who raises his/her hand to get the club started, plus makes key decisions about the club. Founding Members (3-5) help the President recruit others and provide backup to the President. The President and Founding Members can also vet, organize, and guide submission of promising deals to AVG.
  10. What is the minimum number of members? The minimum number of members in a Venture Club is three; there is no maximum.
  11. Do all club members need to be accredited? To invest, they must be accredited. Non-accredited Associate Members can also join for the education and experience, but they can’t invest.
  12. How long does a Syndicate membership last? Presidents are rewarded with a 5-year membership. Founding Members receive 2 years and regular members 1 year. Memberships renew with another investment in any AVG fund.
  13. Does everyone in the club need to invest at around the same time? Only during the formation of the club. New clubs coalesce quickly, with the club usually launching in one month. But clubs can enroll new members at any time, even after the initial close, if the President decides to keep it open to new members.
  14. Is all club money pooled into one account? Each member makes a legally separate capital commitment, has a unique online account (available 24/7), owns their own portfolio, and receives a separate K-1 tax document.
  15. Does everyone in the club need to commit the same amount of money? No, group members are not required to fund at the same level. Each decision regarding a Syndication is also an independent one.
  16. Can Venture Clubs become full AVG funds? Yes, and we welcome this. Once your club demonstrates both strong and sustained investor interest and deal sourcing capabilities, we will consider forming a full AVG fund.