Welcome to the Minuteman Venture Club

For Boston's Entrepreneurs

Join Your Fellow Boston Entrepreneurs

We are a venture investing club for Boston area entrepreneurs and friends. Together we evaluate venture deals, share insights and network with one another. Then each member has the opportunity to make an independent investment decision. It’s your portfolio, your decision.

This is a smart, simple way to own an asset class missing from many investors’ portfolios – and there’s no charge to be a member.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Own a venture portfolio. You choose a diversified AVG venture fund in which to invest, then opt into as many or as few of the deals Minuteman evaluates.
  • Source deals. You can refer deals you find to Minuteman and comment on those that other members find.
  • Network and help build the Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem. You can regularly network with a distinguished community of Boston entrepreneurs and founders. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of Minuteman Venture Club.

Minuteman Venture Club has assembled an impressive team of founding investors and advisors. To name just a few, here is a snapshot.



Mike Riegelman, Operating Executive and Entrepreneur

Mike is an experienced operating executive and entrepreneur within the technology space, with a focus on sales and business development. He has a background in finance and marketing, specializing on scaling businesses from the ground up. Recently, Mike was a principal and executive at S2 Security, and helped lead the 2018 exit process, which resulted in a successful takeover by United Technologies Corp. Mike also led the startup financing of Holos, an augmented reality company focused on the defense industry, and now serves on the company’s Board of Directors. In addition, he is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at LenelS2 (a division of Carrier Corp., formerly United Technologies Corp.). Among Mike’s interests is participating in many venture and angel investing opportunities. He has Finance & Marketing degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.


John Moss,Entrepreneur and Security Product Developer

John has been an innovative force in security systems technology for more than 30 years. Before founding S2 Security in 2002, in 1981 he created Software House (now owned by Tyco International). He has led the creation of two successful companies and over a dozen major commercial products in the security industry.