Alumni Ventures Syndications

Alumni Ventures Syndications

As an exclusive benefit of being an Alumni Ventures investor, you’re automatically eligible to invest in our Syndications: Each investment enrolls you in program membership for a year. The Syndications program lets you opt into single Alumni Ventures investments as you wish.

  • Complement your venture portfolio with deals that you pick.
  • Decide how frequently you want to see deals and which you want to invest in.
  • Choose the amount you want to commit, with minimums typically $25K
  • Lower per deal minimum for Syndications offered through your Club: $10K for Club members

Why Participate

AVG strongly believes that investing in individual deals only makes sense in the context of owning a large, diversified venture portfolio. However, we respect that venture selection is educational, engaging, and a valuable skill for investors to develop. It’s also an opportunity to supplement your portfolio in sectors or stages where  you feel underrepresented or where you want to lean in.

How Syndications Are Chosen

All Syndications are deals sourced and sponsored by an actively managed AVG fund that has negotiated extra allocation. Each deal has cleared AVG process at the sponsoring fund level. The exact nature of deals will vary, but they will reflect the variety of the ~200 investments AVG makes every year.


How It Works

  1. We’ll notify you about the Syndication opportunity and give you access to our portal with information about the deal (due diligence, terms, company presentation, Investment Committee call recording, etc.) and a reservation form.
  2. Typically you have about a week to decide if you want to participate.
  3. At the close of the offering, we will confirm your investment amount. If the deal is oversubscribed, you’ll generally receive a pro-rata allocation.
  4. Funding is usually due 1-2 weeks after the deal closes. We accept ACH and checks.
  5. We provide a bi-annual update on companies that were Syndicated, and any of your deals will also be listed in your AVG Investor Portal.

Recent Syndications

The following is a sample of recent Syndication offerings.