Welcome to the AV CEO Club

Exclusive to Alumni Ventures Founders & CEOs

This is a safe space and exclusive for Alumni Ventures’ Founders and CEOs. We want to facilitate peer-to-peer sharing of lessons, deals, advice, asks, etc. The Golden and Silver rules apply.


Thanks for joining us.


– Mike Collins, Founder and CEO, Alumni Ventures

Join Your Fellow Founders & CEOs

Alumni Ventures is very pleased to be an investor in your company and want to congratulate you on your success. As a value-add, we invite you to join a private online venture capital investment club we’ve created just for you — a space for our Alumni Ventures Founders and CEO to share their experiences, interests and asks. The goal is to give us a safe space to learn, engage, and invest together — all optional.

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Benefits of Membership

As a group of fellow founders and entrepreneurs, our team knows how challenging being a CEO can be. Take note, there is no cost or time obligation to join this club, but we hope to provide you a solid value proposition and a tremendous network of connections for joining:

  • Exclusive to only our ~700 Founders and CEOs
  • High-interest content on topics we’re all curious about
  • Private Slack channel just for Members
  • Exclusive social events to learn and network with other founders and entrepreneurs
  • Access to deals where you can invest alongside other established VCs

We’ll also be listening and ready to offer other things that you’re interested in. We hope you enjoy the experience.