Venture Clubs

Evaluate venture deals with friends, classmates, and colleagues


Venture Investing Clubs for the Digital Age

AVG Venture Clubs are designed for investors who want to evaluate and select individual deals to supplement their VC portfolio on a private, online platform with people they like and respect. Clubs review and discuss deals that are all led by established VC firms. However, each investment decision is up to the individual, and each member has his or her own personal and private investment account with AVG.

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Why Venture Clubs

Venture Clubs offer an engaging venture investing experience that keeps choice in your hands. You decide which club, AVG fund, and deals to participate in.

  • Form an AVG club with the group that you assemble, or join an existing club that’s open to new members.
  • Invest in any AVG fund (if you haven’t already) to enjoy a 1-year Syndication membership.
  • Supplement your fund portfolio with the Syndication deals of your choice. Syndications are deals being done by AVG funds where we have negotiated extra allocation; more here.
  • Optional: Source, vet, and propose promising ventures for your club or AVG to consider investing in.
  • Some clubs may eventually evolve into a fully staffed AVG fund.

Examples of Types of Clubs

  • Classmates
  • Families
  • Alumni chapters and clubs (e.g., regional clubs)
  • Angel groups or existing venture groups
  • Executive education and business school classmates
  • Women-in-business groups
  • Corporate and alumni associations
  • Teammates
  • Friends

How It Works for New Clubs

  1. Club President fills out the Apply Now form to kick off the discussion.
  2. We explain the process via a call or Zoom. If we both agree it’s a good fit, we move forward.
  3. We assist with setup, materials, and group pitch (call or meeting).
  4. Founding Members (3-5) sign up over one month, though clubs can enroll new members at any time.
  5. A club is assigned a Sponsor Alumni Fund by AVG to help mentor the group and assist with any deal sourcing. This Sponsor Fund is chosen for geographic, background, or other affinity with your group.
  6. Club members invest in a core venture portfolio, choosing from any AVG Fund—although many select the Sponsor Fund.
  7. Founding Presidents earn a 5-year membership in the Syndicate. Other members have a 1-year membership.
  8. The club launches, and members start reviewing deals on a private club platform set up by AVG.
Apply Now to Start a Club

How It Works to Join an Existing Club

  1. Browse the list of open clubs.
  2. If you see one or more that you are interested in, fill out the Apply Now form and submit.
  3. We’ll get back to you about club availability and connect you with the President or an AVG Senior Partner.
  4. We will then assist you in investing in the AVG Fund of your choice (if you’re not already an investor) and onboard you to your club.
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The Experience

Reviewing & Investing in Deals

You’ll be notified via email or text that your club has a new potential venture investment to review. We share a complete package of materials, including company materials, our due diligence report and scorecard, a recording of our Investment Committee call (if available), legal paperwork, etc. We encourage club members to independently review materials and score the deal before interacting with fellow members.

Interacting with Members

The President sets the formal rules and norms of the club, and we fully anticipate each club to develop its own style. There are no formal requirements imposed by AVG, but we encourage members to interact and are constantly evolving the portal to facilitate engaging and valuable exchanges. As Venture Clubs are a relatively new initiative, expect these tools to evolve quickly over the next year—and we will be actively soliciting your input.

Submitting Your Own Deals

Some clubs want to source deals. AVG encourages you to coordinate deal sharing with members of the team consistent with the rules established by your Club President. Each club has a sponsoring AVG investment team that is the first line point of contact with AVG regarding a particular deal. Once members are onboarded, they can expect more information on deal vetting and submission.