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Thinking Outside the Box | October 2020

VC/Unpacked: Thinking Outside the Box

October 14, 2020 | Mike Collins

This series curates great content that folks interested in entrepreneurism and venture capital should explore. Some are from my own must list; others have been suggested by our community.

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Hi AVG Community,

Understanding how venture capital works is critical for the increasing number of companies that seek private funding and for those who want to a career in this notoriously gated industry. Below are some of my recommendations for great, insightful content.

Venture on,

– Mike Collins


Stealing Signs

Newsletter by Jackson Bubala

Jackson Bubala’s newsletter is a great Friday read. He covers VC, technology, culture, startups, baseball, and art in longer-form articles as well as by linking to other content. Every week, I find an article that gets me thinking and leads me down a path of future exploration. Bubala is an Associate at VC firm Founder Equity.



Revisionist History

Hosted by Malcolm Gladwell

Love him or hate him, you’ll find that Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast regularly delivers fresh thinking on a variety of issues. That inquiring mindset is an essential VC and entrepreneurial skill – question everything and dare to draw what might be contrarian conclusions.




By Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein

One of the seminal books on the user experience design. This work by Nobel prize-winner Richard Thaler and Harvard Law School Professor Cass Sunstein is replete with examples of how understanding human decision-making leads to more and better outcomes. It’s rife with practical actions that can immediately improve your “health, wealth, and happiness.”




Alumni Ventures Group provides smart, simple venture portfolios with community to accredited individuals. PitchBook listed AVG as the third most active VC firm in the U.S. and the seventh most active in the world (2019).

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