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Daniel Kahneman | July 2021

VC/Unpacked #13: Daniel Kahneman

July 8, 2021 | Mike Collins

This series curates great content that folks interested in entrepreneurism and venture capital should explore. Some are from my own must list; others have been suggested by our community.

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Hi Alumni Ventures Community,

Daniel Kahneman is often called “the godfather of behavioral economics” and is certainly one of the great thinkers of our time. He’s known as a world-renowned psychologist, Nobel Prize winner, and best-selling author. Kahneman has spent most of his life delving into the differences between the way humans are supposed to act (according to economics) and the way they actually act. I can safely say that his work — and the work he’s inspired — has been life-changing for me, so I wanted to share his latest release here.

We are better together,

– Mike Collins


Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment

By Daniel Kahneman


In his latest book, Kahneman, along with Olivier Sibony and Cass R. Sunstein, confronts the detrimental effects of “noise” — variability in judgments that should be identical. This is a particular concern in fields like medicine and criminal justice, where decision making is literally a matter of life and death. It’s a fantastic read, digging deep into why humans are so susceptible to noise clouding their judgments, and what we can do to help ourselves make better decisions.



The TED Interview: Daniel Kahneman wants you to doubt yourself. Here’s why.

Hosted by Chris Anderson


In this interview with Head of TED Chris Anderson, Kahneman revisits some of the territory he covered in his 2010 TED Talk, “The riddle of experience vs. memory.” However, this conversation is far more expansive than his previous lecture, touching on topics from confidence to happiness to intuition. The episode is so new that some podcast providers don’t have the audio available yet, so I’ve included the YouTube link below.



Daniel Kahneman: Thinking Fast vs. Thinking Slow

Hosted by Eric Shurenberg


This interview is from 2013, but it’s worth revisiting. Following the publication success of his now-classic book Thinking, Fast and Slow, Kahneman sat down with Eric Shurenbery, Editor-in-Chief of Inc., to discuss the titular systems of thought. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend doing so, but this video is a great bite-sized introduction to one of Kahneman’s signature concepts.




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