Total Access Fund

Quickly and Easily Establish Your Venture Portfolio


Every AVG Investment.

$25K gets you 50-75 deals, deployed over 1 quarter.

Invest in 1-4 quarters at a time.

Diversified by sector, stage, geography.

Co-Investing alongside established venture firms.

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Review due diligence documents
and, when ready, start your investment.

Review Fund Docs

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Alumni Ventures Group is Your Venture Partner

120 investors and employees in six offices across the country.

Co-Investing alongside established VC firms.

Getting you into highly competitive venture deals.

Watch Alumni Ventures CEO provide an overview.

Topics Covered
1:07 — About Mike Collins, Our Founder & CEO
1:57 — About Alumni Ventures
2:56 — Why add venture to your portfolio
4:57 — Advantages to a large venture portfolio
6:16 — Our investment strategy
7:37 — Overview of our available funds
11:17 — Alumni Ventures: Activity in 2020
11:59 — Our investment process
13:31 — Co-invest with these established venture firms
14:23 — Examples of recent deals
15:08 — Investment terms & fees
16:36 — Customize your experience with us
19:23 — Syndications
20:38 — Background on our Venture Clubs
21:24 — Next steps