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Connection in a Crisis

Tembo Health helps keep nursing home residents safe, healthy, and connected in response to COVID-19

Tembo Health: Meeting the Telehealth Demand for Nursing Homes

April 8, 2020 | Abree Murch


In times like this, we all need to hear — and share — constructive news about work being done to tackle problems caused by COVID-19. Here’s what some AVG portfolio companies are contributing.


Today’s Portfolio Company: Tembo Health

AVG portfolio company Tembo Health is a telemedicine practice that partners with nursing homes to provide residents with the care they need to stay safe, healthy, and connected. Because older adults and those with chronic conditions are at higher risk, the effects of COVID-19 can be more severe, and Tembo Health is stepping up to help facilities cope.

Tembo Health COVID-19 Response

Tembo Health’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Tembo Health’s COVID-19 response plan is providing extra services and guidance to improve care for nursing home residents, including expedited onboarding for facilities, scaling its hiring process for clinicians, and offering its TeleMed platform for private practices.

To get patients access to the most critical services, Tembo Health created an entry-level service model and, when possible, is beginning services within two weeks without procuring additional equipment.

The company is quickly scaling their clinician team to meet growing demand. Over a dozen clinical positions are open on the company’s jobs board.

To ensure that all patients can continue to get routine care from their own provider without leaving home, Tembo Health is offering its telemedicine platform to private practices.

So What Can You Do?

Have questions? A great idea? Want to partner with Tembo?

Send them a message via their website.


How Are We Involved?

Alumni Ventures Group’s Basecamp Fund led AVG’s investment in Tembo Health in 2019, in a round led by Bloomberg Beta (an early stage fund). AVG provides smart, simple venture portfolios with community to accredited individuals. PitchBook listed AVG as the third most active venture capital firm in the U.S. and the seventh most active in the world (2019).

AVG Basecamp Fund


New: Post-COVID Fund

AVG’s new Post-COVID Fund will invest in ventures that are both promising businesses and either directly or indirectly address the multiple impacts of the virus in healthcare, technology, services, data monitoring and analysis, learning, payments, communications, entertainment, and more.

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