Abree Murch AVG Blog April 8, 2020

Starting Your Venture Portfolio with a Smart, Simple Solution

Why Venture Might Be Right for You and What Distinguishes a Smart Portfolio

Starting Your Venture Portfolio with a Smart, Simple Solution

April 8, 2020 | Abree Murch

Venture is a key asset class that is finally available to accredited investors. This webinar explains why venture might be right for some investors, what distinguishes a smart portfolio, and how AVG makes venture investing smart and simple. We also illustrate AVG’s approach by reviewing one of our fastest-growing funds, The Total Access Fund, that offers investors a portfolio of 20-30 companies diversified across stage, sector, and geography.

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About the Presenters

Alain Hanover | Senior Partner

Alain is a Senior Partner at Alumni Ventures Group for the AVG Total Access Fund. He has 30+ years of experience as a VC, angel investor, CEO, serial entrepreneur, Board Member, and advisor. He was Co-founder of Common Angels, New England’s leading investment group; Managing Director and CEO of Navigator Technology Ventures, a high-tech VC firm funded by Draper Lab; and CEO of Viewlogic, an innovative chip design software company. Alain has mentored over 100 MIT high-tech spinoffs and served on the MassTech Board through the terms of six governors.

Luis Santiago | VP of Community

Luis is an experienced strategy, operations, and sales leader. Prior to AVG, he held roles in corporate strategy and customer experience at Liberty Mutual. Earlier, he helped lead business development and client relationship operations for BCA Research, a firm serving traditional asset managers, RIAs, and hedge fund managers.

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