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A Spotlight On Our Co-Investors In Emerging Markets

Examining our co-investors who are leaning into emerging markets

A Spotlight On Our Co-Investors In Emerging Markets

May 7, 2021 | Ashley Brindamour


Today, we wanted to examine just a few of our co-investors who are leaning into emerging markets. It’s the practice of Alumni Ventures to co-invest with other established venture firms who lead the deal and negotiate terms. We do this to leverage their knowledge of markets and sectors, giving us greater ability to intelligently diversify investors’ portfolios. Note that many of the deals mentioned here are in the general Alumni Ventures portfolio, not part of the Emerging Markets Fund.


Upcoming Roundtable

Alumni Ventures’ Emerging Markets Fund offers accredited individuals the opportunity to invest in promising, venture-backed companies from emerging markets in the U.S. and abroad. Learn how our Investment Teams source and vet companies that fit this thesis during a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, May 19, at 2:00 PM ET. Panelists will include (from left):

  • Isaac Schlecht, Principal of Castor Ventures
  • Larry Warnock, Managing Partner of Ring Ventures
  • Erik Hammer, Senior Principal of Purple Arch Ventures
  • Krithika Kumar, Principal of Strawberry Creek Ventures

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Our Co-Investors in Emerging Markets


Rise of the Rest Seed Fund (part of Revolution Capital) “invests in passionate entrepreneurs that are based outside of Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York City.” Like Alumni Ventures, the firm believes there is plenty of opportunity and value outside the three traditional VC hubs. We have co-invested with the fund in four companies, including these two:

  • Rize (Virginia) is a “neo-banking” platform that seamlessly combines checking, savings, and investing all in one interface, allowing customers to organize money according to their needs instead of by account type.
  • Hatch Apps (D.C.) is an online platform that enables businesses to create and deploy apps, without writing code.




Accel is a well-known global VC, focusing on Europe, Asia, and the U.S. They have two offices in California and operating funds in London, India, and China. We have co-invested with Accel in 11 deals.





Dell Technologies Capital, the global investment practice for Dell Technologies, is another VC interested in Europe as well as the Middle East. They have offices in Boston, Austin, and Israel. We have co-invested with them in two deals.

The deal we’re spotlighting is one where we co-invested with both Accel and DTC.

Humio (London) is a developer of a log management platform that makes it easier to stream, aggregate, and manage logs from large cloud networks.



Drive Capital has a strong thesis favoring investments in the Midwest. In their own words, “The Midwest is the opportunity of a lifetime. You no longer need to be in Silicon Valley to build a world-class technology company.” To date, Alumni Ventures has made five co-investments with Drive. Two of those deals:

  • Fifth Season (Pennsylvania) is a provider of an indoor farming system designed to streamline vertical growing operation.
  • Beam Dental (Ohio) is a digital dental insurer, embracing technology to achieve lower operating costs and using AI for more efficient pricing of its premiums.


Index Ventures “spans oceans and industries.” An international VC, they have dual headquarters in San Francisco and London. Our three co-investments with the firm include one based in Europe, where they are particularly strong:

  • Kano (London) is a do-it-yourself computer kit designed to allow anyone, especially children, to build a computer and learn basic computer coding skills.


Alumni Ventures’ Emerging Markets Fund offers a portfolio of ~20-30 promising, venture-backed companies from emerging markets in the U.S. and internationally. It’s a chance to further diversify your portfolio, seeking opportunities in rapidly growing regions where there are outsized opportunities.

To learn more, click below to review fund materials or book a call with a Senior Partner.

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