AVG Seed Fund

A large, diversified portfolio of seed and pre-seed investments

What Is the AVG Seed Fund?


A large, diversified, and selective pre-seed and seed venture fund. We are also…

  • A team of 7 full-time investing professionals, geographically diverse
  • A portfolio of ~80-100 seed and pre-seed deals invested over ~12-15 months—diversified by sector, geography, and seed investor syndicate
  • Part of Alumni Ventures Group, one of the most active ventures funds in the world


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An Introduction to Alumni Ventures’ Seed Fund

“My portfolio is in good shape: I had stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and even some real estate investments.  But I had a big hole when it came to venture investing. Through a classmate, I learned about AVG’s approach, and it just made sense. It feels good to know that I’ve got this part of my portfolio covered too.”

Fund Investor

“I had a large nest egg in my retirement account. AVG was the perfect investment vehicle to do something new, alternative, and to further diversify my personal portfolio. I also appreciate the secure online investor portal that provides me with interesting details and news on the companies which I’m invested in.”

Fund Investor

Why Add Venture Capital to Your Portfolio

  1. VC returns have been strong over many periods1
  2. VC returns are largely uncorrelated with other asset classes2
  3. A great way to be an impact investor

1 Cambridge Associates, Venture Capital Benchmarks
2 Top Tier, The Inverse Correlation Between Venture and Public Markets

Why Invest in the AVG Seed Fund?

  • Portfolio complement: A seed fund like this one that offers high risks and rewards is a natural complement to a well-diversified fund.
  • Investing opportunities: With companies staying private longer, public market investors are getting shut out of deals when value creation has its greatest potential.
  • No crystal ball needed: Investing in many deals gives you a better chance of not missing the best-performing opportunities and losing out on the compounding effects of an early investment.
  • Lower capital requirements: You can afford to place a lot of bets at the seed stage since investment minimums are at their lowest.
  • Difference-making opportunities: It’s likely many companies in a seed fund won’t survive, but those that succeed can offer outsized returns, with home runs returning the potential of 100x or more.
  • Depth and breadth: The AVG Seed Fund offers breadth (across sectors, regions, and syndicate) and depth (~80-100 investments in the fund).
  • AVG advantage: We dedicate a full-time team of 7 individuals, spread across the country in VC hotspots. In addition, we leverage our alumni connections. Seed deal are typically hyperlocal and universities are at the nexus of many great startup funds. With a national network of alumni funds, AVG is well positioned to execute our strategy.

Investment Strategy

Smart, Simple Venture Investing

Large, Diverse Portfolio

~80-100 seed and pre-seed investments, diversified by sector, region, and lead investor sourced by full-time team of 7, geographically dispersed.

Large Reserves

We’ll have a large reserve (~25-30%) for deployment in the top investments that prove themselves.

Co-Investing with Established Seed Investors

We invest alongside leading seed investors. Our networks consists of entrepreneurs who are domain experts, leads at incubators and accelerators, and active angel groups.

Co-Invest Alongside Leading Seed Investors

Invest In Deals Most Individuals Never Know About or Get Access To

  • 500 Startups
  • Accomplice VC
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Bessemer Venture Partners
  • Bloomberg Beta
  • Correlation
  • Flybridge
  • Founders Collective
  • Founders Fund
  • Greycroft
  • Haystack
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Khosla
  • Lerer Hippeau
  • Lightspeed
  • Maveron
  • Menlo
  • Morado
  • Plug and Play
  • Precursor
  • Resolute
  • Revolution
  • Right Side Capital
  • Sequoia Scout Fund
  • Shasta
  • Steve Case
  • SV Angels
  • Techstars
  • The Engine
  • Two Sigma
  • Unusual Ventures
  • Valor Capital
  • Y Combinator

How does the AVG Seed Fund assemble a great portfolio for me?

  • Our full-time team of 7 investing professionals wakes up every morning dedicated to delivering a diverse portfolio to investors.
  • We leverage our network connections to access deals that most individuals never know about.
  • We only invest in deals that have been analyzed by our team and cleared our process.


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