Explainer Videos

Intro to Venture Capital and Alumni Ventures Group

Why Venture Capital?

Venture capital is an asset class that, until AVG came along, had almost solely been accessible to institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy. Watch this video to learn more about the basics of investing in private companies—where true value creation resides—and how you can access those opportunities through our firm.

What Does AVG Do?

We offer smart, simple access to venture capital for the more than 90% of investors who’ve never had it before. We do this by co-investing alongside the world’s top VCs; diversifying portfolios across stage, sector, and geography; and nurturing a community of 500k people who believe in supporting the makers and doers of tomorrow’s technology.

AVG’s Investing Process

We’ve made nearly 300 investments, 70 of which have had a positive liquidity event or upround, and AVG has become one of the most active VC firms in the world. How? Watch this video to learn about our investment process, how our deal teams gain access to the most promising deals across the venture spectrum, and how our community of 500k supporters helps cultivate those opportunities.

AVG’s Product Line

This video reviews investing options with AVG. Alumni Funds are for graduates of specific universities, backing companies with ties to fellow graduates. Our Select Fund is open to all accredited investors and creates an index-like portfolio that mirrors the venture industry. Finally, our Focused Funds center on a specific investing thesis, such as gender arbitrage, social impact, hard tech, and more. Whichever fund you choose, you’ll own a diverse portfolio of 20-30 deals co-invested alongside top venture firms with expertise in the sector.

Investing with AVG — Comprehensive Overview

This video addresses what venture capital is, how we build diversified venture portfolios, and who invests with us. You’ll also learn how we keep investors informed, nurture community among 500k supporters, and devote capital to the most promising deals. Finally, you’ll get a sense of how simple it is to gain access to this vital asset class: Most investors can complete enrollment paperwork in 20 minutes.