Internships for Undergrads

A First Look at Entrepreneurship and Venture Investing

Internship Benefits

Everyone starts somewhere. An internship at AVG can be a great beginning for an undergrad exploring a career in entrepreneurship or venture capital. You work directly with an AVG professional on various entry-level projects and are immersed in the day-to-day office environment of one of the world’s most active and rapidly growing venture firms.

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“After my freshman year at Dartmouth, I had the opportunity to explore a potential VC career through a summer internship at AVG. Working with the firm was not only a great educational experience, but also an incredible opportunity to interact with the deal teams. This allowed me to rapidly gain insights into the VC industry. I helped coordinate alumni outreach—rapidly expanding my own network—as well as conduct research for due diligence. Further, I was invited to attend Investment Committee meetings, which helped me understand the questions to consider when talking to a startup. The internship was an invaluable experience that allowed me to build a flexible skillset and a substantial professional network—both immense helps in jumpstarting my career in the finance industry.”

Karam SandhuAVG Intern, Summer 2016

“I have been working with AVG for over a year now and I can honestly say my experience here has been nothing but pleasant. I have been presented with the opportunity to get real job experience in the business world and make connections along the way that I never would have made without this. My time with AVG has made me more prepared for life after I graduate college and I have enjoyed every second of it.”

Sam ParzychAVG Intern, 2017 - Present
Develop Key Skills

We only hire interns if we have actual work for them to complete. Most of our intern work is research based – exploring new technologies, researching companies or markets, and completing projects that help our organization grow.

Gain Unique Work Experience

Very few undergraduates get a chance to work at a venture capital firm, so an internship with AVG will help you stand out.

Build a Professional Network

Our alumni networks are among the largest and most connected in the entrepreneurial economy. Our internship is a perfect early job to start building your own network.