Flexible Check. Low Friction. Large Rolodex.

What Kind of an Investor Are We?

  • We co-invest alongside strong lead investors
  • We don’t take Board seats or price rounds
  • We help by making connections to our large, industry-leading network

“Green D personifies the VC who is humble, grounded, agile and helpful. From a cold email to the consummation of a deal within a month, to multiple introductions and being available whenever we reach out for help… kudos! A true role model for others in the VC world.”

Saikat DeyFounder & CEO @ Guardhat

“The Spike Ventures team has been incredible to work with. They have a very efficient due diligence process and are great people to know. The Stanford alumni network has already helped us getting access to potential partners and customers. They are a great value add with no strings attached, and I’ve recommended them as investors to other companies.”

Kalpesh KapadiaCo-Founder & CEO of Deserve

“The most valuable gift that an Investor can offer an entrepreneur is a transparent, predictable and efficient path to an investment decision. We give Chestnut Street Ventures high marks for their commitment to an investment consideration and due diligence process that was as efficient as we’ve seen in our multiple rounds of financing. It’s an exceptional way to start a long term relationship and speaks volumes to their empathy and understanding of the needs of a startup team.”

Neal ShenoyCEO @ Begin

How Do We Add Value?

  • Simple, quick, transparent approval process
  • Checks sizes from $100K – $2M
  • We don’t take Board seats or price rounds
  • Our rolodex becomes your rolodex
  • Strategic introductions and support

“Castor Ventures was very quick and easy to work with through the diligence process easing the burden of fundraising and allowing us to achieve our goals. Moreover, since their investment, the Castor team has been a great partner as they have introduced us to dozens of business development opportunities.”

Jan SchnorrFounder & CEO @ C2Sense

“Being included in the monthly spotlight was a wonderful opportunity for Near-Miss Management to gain exposure among a large group of Penn Alumni, who are accomplished, forward looking individuals. We have been able to share this honor with those interested in our company, which has been very valuable.  At a time when research has made it unequivocally clear that women entrepreneurs face particular difficulties in raising funds, Chestnut Street Ventures is shining a light on a progressive path forward – demonstrating their commitment and vision to advancing women.”

Ulku OktemPenn Alumni Entrepreneur

“Castor Ventures goes above and beyond to cater to entrepreneurs. Castor’s diligence process was quick and unobtrusive. Moreover, one of the key advantages is Castor’s extensive network, which can lead to significant business development opportunities.”

Dror SharonCEO @ Consumer Physics

What Are Our Criteria?

  • Our funds look for strong lead investors and, in our Diversified Funds, an alumni connection at your company (employee, investor, or Board member)
  • We conduct our own diligence and decisions are made by our investment team, with input from our Investment Committee

“As as a founder, I found Chestnut Street’s investment process to be both thorough and seamless. My founder friends and I say, that if a VC wants to be A+, they have to be empathetic and responsive – of which you’re both.”

Edrizio De La CruzCEO & Regalii