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Portfolio Impact: Castor Ventures & Sorcero

Investor Bill Schneiderman and Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das discuss their partnership and explain how Alumni Ventures’ value-add empowers our portfolio founders

Portfolio Impact: Castor Ventures & Sorcero

March 22, 2021 | Ashley Brindamour

Sorcero offers an AI-powered platform that can ingest and understand scientific and medical language at scale to empower human experts. Alumni Ventures and Castor Ventures (for MIT alums and friends of the community) invested in the company in 2018. Cainon Coates, Partner at Castor, connected Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das with Bill Schneiderman, an Alumni Ventures investor and member of our Expert Community. Bill has extensive experience in teaching and consulting, specifically related to technology and business advising. He has become an invaluable partner to Dipanwita and Sorcero. He’s hosted multiple workshops with the company’s staff and has regular meetings with members of the c-suite. In this video, Dipanwita and Bill discuss the value of Alumni Ventures’ network and investing model. 


Portfolio Impact: Castor Ventures & Sorcero from Alumni Ventures on Vimeo.


Alumni Ventures’ Value-add

Through Alumni Ventures’ unique model, Castor Ventures and sibling funds are able to access investment opportunities with promising, venture-backed startups. A key part of this is our ability to be a low-friction, value-add investor that can offer support from Alumni Ventures network of 550,000 community members and subscribers. The connection between Dipanwita/Sorcero and Bill is an excellent example of the Alumni Ventures Expert Community in action. We wrote a flexible check as a co-investor and connected Sorcero with a valuable adviser, which has developed into a multi-year partnership. This is an important differentiator between Alumni Ventures and other venture capital firms, and a compelling reason for accredited individuals to invest and entrepreneurs to seek capital from our firm. 


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