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Portfolio Impact: Bascom Ventures, Azumo, & 12traits

Azumo CEO Mike Casper, 12traits CEO Joe Schaeppi, and Bascom Ventures Investor Mike Riegelman share how they connected with Managing Partner Greg Baker

Portfolio Impact: Bascom Ventures, Azumo, & 12traits

May 24, 2021 | Ashley Brindamour

Alumni Ventures’ Bascom Ventures fund is democratizing venture capital for the University of Wisconsin community and serving as a value-add investor to its portfolio companies. Powering this is Alumni Ventures’ 550k+ member community, and specifically, the networks and connections of the Bascom Ventures team Managing Partner Greg Baker and Senior Associate Keaton Nankivil (both Wisconsin natives and UWisconsin alumni). This video features testimonials from two Founders/CEOs of Bascom portfolio companies and a Bascom investor, who all highlight the power of the unique Bascom/Alumni Ventures model and their mutual affinity to UWisconsin and the Midwest entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Portfolio Impact: Bascom Ventures, Azumo, & 12traits from Alumni Ventures on Vimeo.



Mike Casper

Mike is Co-Founder & CEO of Azumo, developer of proprietary lighting technology that converts thin and inexpensive plastic into an efficient and powerful light source for anything from the displays on our electronics to the light fixtures in our homes. He is also a UWisconsin alum and connected with Bascom through the mutual connections at the university. 

Mike Riegelman

Mike is a tech executive and angel investor from the Midwest and now based in Boston. He is a Bascom investor and serves on Bascom’s Investment Committee and Alumni Ventures’ Investor Advisory Council. He connected with Bascom to access venture capital opportunities, and specifically to support startups in the Midwest.

Joe Schaeppi

Joe Schaeppi is Co-Founder & CEO of 12traits, developer of a SaaS customer engagement platform that uses neuropsychological data to better understand audiences. Joe is a UWisconsin alum and was referred to Bascom by the Founder/CEO of another Alumni Ventures portfolio company. 


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