Ashley Brindamour AVG Blog December 2, 2020

Our Basecamp Fund Team’s Value-Add

How AVG's Basecamp Fund adds value to its portfolio companies

Our Basecamp Fund Team’s Value-Add

December 2, 2020 | Ashley Brindamour

AVG’s Basecamp Fund offers a portfolio of ~100 pre-seed and seed-stage investments diversified by sector, geography, and lead investor. Our investing efforts are led by four full-time Managing Partners based in three key venture hubs, including Catherine Lu and Andrea Funsten in San Francisco, Matt Scott in NYC, and Wayne Moore in Chicago. In this video, the team discusses how they collaborate with and complement each other, as well as the value-add they offer our portfolio companies.

Click here to watch part one in this series, where our Managing Partners introduce themselves and discuss their approach to sourcing and evaluating potential investments.


Our Basecamp Fund Team’s Value-Add from Alumni Ventures Group on Vimeo.


AVG’s Basecamp Fund offers investors a portfolio of ~100 pre-seed and seed investments diversified across sector and region. Approximately 25% of the fund is reserved for follow-on investments. Minimum starts at $25K. The fund is now open! Click below to learn more.

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