AVG International Fund Portfolio

Smart, Simple Venture Investing in International VC Deals

Example Portfolio Companies

The AVG International Fund invests in a broad range of venture-backed companies to build high-quality, highly-diversified venture portfolios for our investors. Here are investments made by our sibling funds showing the type of investments that the AVG International Fund will make.

KANO is a do it-yourself computer kit designed to allow anyone, especially kids, to build a computer, learn basic computer coding skills, and do everything from word process to make music. Kano was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever, raising $1.5M on a $100K goal, with backers including Steve Wozniak and Kickstarter’s CEO Yancey Strickler. They also have deals or partnerships with Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Time Warner, and Disney. Co-investors included Breyer Capital, as well as Index Ventures, Marc Benioff, and Collaborative Fund.

RELAYR is a rapidly-growing Industrial IoT (IIoT) company that provides enterprise middleware and IoT solutions for the digital transformation of industries. Relayr’s open source, device-agnostic software enables them to provide an end-to-end solution for their target SMB industrial clients, including insurance for business outcomes through its strategic partnership with the world’s largest industrial re-insurance company Munich Re / HSB. Co-investors included Munich Re / HSB Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Munich Venture Partners, and Cisco Systems.

VAHAN is building the Siri for businesses within messaging apps such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger, WeChat, and Slack. Vahan’s Assistant uses AI and Machine Learning techniques to automate tasks (such as training, support and transactions/orders) and increase engagement with distributed blue collar workers. Vahan is working with top brands including Uber and Flipkart.

Founded by an ex-Siri/Google team, the company received investments from Gokul Rajaram (“godfather” of Google AdSense) and Sanjeev Agarwal (formerly Head of Marketing for Google).

CONSUMER PHYSICS has produced the world’s first pocket-sized microspectrometer, enabling consumers and businesses to scan any materials of their choosing and analyze the difference between their molecular identities. Their pocket spectrometer, SCiO, serves a variety of consumer applications, including assessing food and medical ingredients—even your own body fat—and much more within seconds. The company’s end-to-end solutions for materials sensing includes SCiO Cloud as a materials database to analyze product scans and the SCiO mobile app for convenient display of results. Co-investors included Khosala, Third Point, ML Capital, and Grove Partners.

VERITY STUDIOS is a provider of indoor drone shows for the live entertainment and events market. The company offers several types of drones that are quiet, safe, and and engineered for high reliability and safety. Their products are designed with adaptive algorithms, which permit appropriate and predictable response to errors and failures, allowing worldwide audiences to enjoy dazzling live performances. Co-investors included Fontinalis Partners.