Smart, Simple Venture Capital

For Investment Advisors, Professional Wealth Managers, and Their Clients

Sophisticated Investors Can’t Afford to Miss Out on Venture

  • This asset class has historically delivered 2x S&P (+18.31% average annual return, past 30 years)
  • More value creation today is happening pre-IPO
  • VC is less correlated with other traditional asset classes
  • Sophisticated portfolios often have a venture allocation of 5-15%
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AVG Provides Your Client Unique VC Portfolio Options

  • AVG Total Access Fund provides an “index-like” portfolio of 200-300 deals, minimum investment of $50K
  • AVG TAF provides portfolios diversified by sector, stage, geography, and lead manager
  • Primarily co-investing alongside top-quartile VCs
  • AVG currently serves over 4,500 investors nationwide
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White Glove Service for Investment Professionals

  • 10-year fund life supports consistent AUM
  • Compatible with major online investment platforms
  • Fees are a 2% annual management fee (x 10 years; one capital call and fees may be pulled forward at the discretion of the Manager) + a 20% carried interest (ie, AVG shares in the proceeds of the investment after all capital and management fees returned to the investor). Consult the fund offering documents for details. Lower management fee tiers available for advisors with aggregated client investment of $1M, $3M, and $10M+.
  • Single, annual K-1s in March for each client; simple distributions
  • Regular newsletters, exclusive events, and quarterly, mark-to-round reporting
  • Minimum investment of $50k for a full VC portfolio
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AVG’s Unique Network Opens Access to a Powerful Asset Class 

  • “Index-like” AVG Total Access Fund is sourced and chosen from 1000+ VC deals reviewed by AVG annually
  • Deal access is fueled by deep alumni ties from 17 AVG funds dedicated to alumni of schools like Dartmouth, Stanford, Harvard, MIT & more
  • Sourcing & due diligence by 50+ full-time AVG investment professionals in five offices across the country
  • 2nd most active VC firm in the US in 2018 (Pitchbook, by # of investments)
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Katie Murphy, VP of Strategic Relationships

Katie is a VP of Strategic Relationships at AVG. She works with institutional investors and wealth advisors interested in learning about AVG’s products. Previously, she was a Senior Relationship Manager for State Street Global Advisors, the third largest institutional asset manager, focused on the firm’s largest Sub-Advisory clients. Key responsibilities included client management with a focus on sales and business development. Prior to that Katie focused on capital raising in the hedge fund industry. Earlier positions included institutional sales trading, proprietary trading at Goldman Sachs and equity research at a mutual fund company. Katie earned her BS with a concentration in Economics from Babson College.

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Darrin Wizst, VP of Strategic Relationships

Darrin’s primary role is to develop new business opportunities for AVG’s lineup of venture portfolios by establishing and managing strategic relationships with investment advisors and institutional investors. An essential function of his role will be broadening product awareness, and education about VC as a viable asset allocation option. Prior to joining AVG, Darrin had extensive business development experience in financial services and B2B including: institutional sales; alternative investment, separate account, and mutual fund wholesaling; software sales; business process outsourcing; and financial operations. He earned a BA in Economics & Public Management from The University of Maine and an MBA from Boston College.

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