How Smart, Simple Venture Investing Works

Getting a professional, diversified venture portfolio is easy and straightforward.

Learn About Investing with Us

  1. Smart, simple access to venture capital for investors like you
  2. Co-investment alongside the world’s top VCs
  3. Portfolios diversified across stage, sector, and geography

How Do These Funds Work?

  1. You make a single investment in one fund or a combination of funds.
  2. We build you a broad portfolio of 20—30 diverse, venture-backed companies per fund.
  3. You can follow your portfolio performance online.
  4. When your portfolio companies have exits—get acquired or go public, we send you the proceeds.

How Does the Investment Process Work?

  1. Choose: Select between a diversified Core Fund or Focused Fund. Or choose multiple funds.
  2. Connect: Our Managing Partners—the ones investing your money—will speak with all new investors, and our white-glove Investor Relations team will answer all your questions.
  3. Review: We will send you a few investment documents to review.
  4. Complete: Visit our secure online portal to electronically sign your legal docs, provide proof of accreditation, and fund your investment.

Want to Learn More?

While many investors are savvy in traditional asset classes like public equities, few individual investors are fluent in VC. That’s no surprise – venture has never before been available to most investors.

How Do I Get Returns?

Straightforward returns. Sent directly to you. We don’t reinvest.

When a company in your fund portfolio exits, we send you a check. When another company in your portfolio exits, we send you another check. And so on, and so forth. We distribute 100% of proceeds to our investors until you’ve gotten back 100% of your initial investment, including fees you’ve paid. 80% of all additional returns are distributed to you.

Tell Me About Fees.

Our funds operate on a “2 and 20.”

Each of our funds charges a 2% annual management fee. After 100% of your initial investment including fees has been returned to you (the limited partner), the fund’s management team (general partner) begins to share in 20% of additional proceeds. That’s it. No additional fees or other costs.

What Are My Options for Funding?

  1. Highly liquid?
    Many investors fund with cash via checks and wire transfers.
  2. Looking for more from your retirement savings?
    Invest through an IRA. Click to Learn More.
  3. Investing from outside the US?
    We have made available an Offshore Vehicle for non-US investors Click to Learn More.