Scott Murphy AVG Podcasts March 24, 2021

EP 65: Finding the Next Big Idea with Heleo

Heleo curates thought-provoking ideas for users that complement evolving trends of how we consume content — especially during the pandemic.

EP 65: Finding the Next Big Idea with Heleo

Rufus Griscom | Co-Founder and CEO of Heleo

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Episode Summary

Heleo collaborates with authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink to curate thought provoking ideas for users. The content is delivered under the Next Big Idea Club brand via a subscription model, offering access to podcasts, videos, e-books, and hardcover books. We connected with Co-Founder and CEO Rufus Griscom to discuss how Heleo is aiming to complement the evolving trends of how we consume content — especially during the pandemic.


Exclusive Community Offer

Heleo is an Alumni Ventures portfolio company sponsored by Nassau Street Ventures, a fund for Princeton alums and friends of the community. Members of the Alumni Ventures Network can use the code AVG3FREE for a complimentary three-month subscription to an Online Only Express Membership. Click here to LEARN MORE.


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