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Health Comes Home

How Heal has revived the house call in the era of social distancing

Heal: House Calls and Telemedicine Visits for COVID-19

April 24, 2020 | Abree Murch


In times like this, we all need to hear — and share — constructive news about work being done to tackle problems caused by COVID-19. Here’s what some AVG portfolio companies are contributing.



Today’s Portfolio Company: Heal

Portfolio company Heal offers timely and convenient medical care from qualified doctors via telemedicine or an in-home, office, or hotel visit, including pediatrics, urgent, primary, and preventive care. They have rebooted relationship-based heathcare, using technology to free up doctors’ time. Heal’s telemedicine service is an increasingly vital tool in an era of social distancing. 

Heal is on the front lines of our fight against the coronavirus, ramping up telemedicine services and home doctor visits to improve early detection and reduce risk of infection in treatment. Heal is being widely promoted to patients during this critical time by providers like Medicare and Blue Cross & Blue Shield CA.


How It Works

Heal aims to make healthcare more convenient, more effective, and less expensive. Patients can talk to a doctor from their own location and schedule an in-home visit from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., 365 days a year. The cost is discussed upfront, with most insurance covering services.

In addition, health outcomes for patients are determined by their environment 80% of the time. Heal’s doctors can see inside a person’s home and assess conditions. Using health data and analytics to deliver precision medicine frees up doctors to dedicate more time with patients: over 28 minutes on average versus less than 10 minutes with other doctors.  

For doctors, Heal’s technology reduces healthcare operating expenses by 65% through its AI routing, billing, and back-office functionality. For patients, most services are covered by insurance, and pricing is always provided before you book.

Interested in using Heal? Check availability in your area, and then download the app.


In the News

Heal was recently featured in a video on the front page of the Washington Post. In the video, Dr. Sachin Nagrani, Medical Director at Heal, discusses the coronavirus and how the startup is conducting in-home and telemedicine calls during the pandemic. Watch more now:


How Are We Involved?

Alumni Ventures Group’s fund for the Wisconsin community, Bascom Ventures, led AVG’s investment in Heal’s 2017 Series C round, with participation from AVG’s Castor Ventures (for MIT alums and friends) and Purple Arch Ventures (for Northwestern alums and friends). We’re grateful to be a witness and small contributor to the continuing good work of Heal and others who are supporting front-line efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

Bascom Ventures


New: Post-COVID Fund

AVG’s new Post-COVID Fund will invest in ventures that are both promising businesses and either directly or indirectly address the multiple impacts of the virus in healthcare, technology, services, data monitoring and analysis, learning, payments, communications, entertainment, and more.

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