Fund Feature: How Greg Baker, MP of Bascom, Embraces Midwestern Goodness

Greg Baker | Managing Partner of Bascom Ventures

This Madison native says his fellow University of Wisconsin alums are more than keeping pace in the Ivy-centric VC community.

Greg Baker of Bascom Ventures

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Episode Summary

Greg Baker went to the University of Wisconsin to become an engineer, but an internship changed the trajectory of his future career during the summer before his senior year. He eventually earned an MBA, working in corporate strategy, M&A, and a number of other finance-related positions, and now he’s Managing Partner of Bascom Ventures, AVG’s fund for alums of UW. That summer proved instrumental in more ways than one: One of his roommates during the internship was Mike Collins, who would later found AVG.

Joining Bascom proved to be a smart move for this kid from Madison who earned his first paycheck selling soft drinks at UW football games. Bascom is the first (and so far only) VC fund from a state school in the AVG family, and Greg says that being outside the East Coast-Ivies nexus has been beneficial to the fund’s success.

“People from Wisconsin are very open to helping one another,” Baker says.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how Bascom Ventures works, the incredible companies in its portfolio, and why now is the best time for investors to get excited about VC.

About Greg Baker, Managing Partner of Bascom Ventures

Greg is a highly accomplished executive with experience in corporate leadership, business development, startups, M&A, and strategic planning. He has spent much of his career growing business in the electrical products, packaging, and chemical industries. Throughout, he has been buying, selling, and combining companies to fit strategic goals.

Previously, Greg served as President and CEO of 2D2C, developing safer energy-saving products. Greg was also VP of Corporate Development and Acting Division President for a high-tech subsidiary at Woodhead Industries and Director Corporate Development for Tenneco. Greg has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin (’86) and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

About Bascom Ventures

Bascom Ventures is the smartest, simplest way for Wisconsin alums to add venture capital to their portfolios. Led by Greg Baker and part of the AVG family of core funds, Bascom boasts a full-time alumni investment team, an investment committee with over 250 combined years of investing experience, 20K+ alumni followers, and the only fund of its kind for Wisconsin alumni.


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