Fund Portfolio

Sample Portfolio of the Types of Investments this Fund Makes

Example Portfolio Companies

The Frontier Fund invests in a broad range of venture-backed companies from across the US to build high-quality, highly-diversified venture portfolios for our investors. Here are investments made by our sibling funds that meet our investment criteria, showing the type of investments that the Frontier Fund will make.

Kapow is a provider of an online marketplace designed to offer corporate event venues and event promotions.

Healthmyne is a provider healthcare informatics services. The company is focused on delivering Quantitative Imaging Decision Support (QIDS) for radiology and oncology.

Guardhat is provider of a situational awareness platform designed to protect the lives of employees and contractors.

NewLeaf Symbiotics is a operator of an agricultural biotechnology company created to discover and develop sustainable agricultural products based on PPFM bacteria and related microbes.

Logistyx Technologies is a provider of transportation management execution services. The company’s transportation management execution services include a parcel analytics platform that combines the software architecture, applications, sales and implementation skills and global carrier network and integrations, enabling customers to select carriers based on cost, speed and service.