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A podcast about leveraging venture capital to build great companies, brought you by host Shelley Hunter (Gift Card Girlfriend) and producer Ryan Burleson (New York Times, Boston Globe)

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Most Recent Episodes

EP 44: Why Deserve’s Founder Believes That Creditworthiness Should Be Based on Potential
May 2, 2019 Kalpesh Kapadia | Founder of Deserve

When banks wouldn't bite on Kalpesh Kapadia's new credit scoring system, he started his own credit card company to prove that a person's potential is a better indicator of risk than having an outdated (or inaccessible) credit score.

EP 43: A Former Army Captain in the Middle of a New Fight
April 17, 2019 Christopher Molaro | Founder of Neuroflow Solutions

When Chris Molaro set out to improve the connection between physical and mental health treatment, he hoped to increase follow-through and adoption. But his technology is now poised to identify more effective and faster-acting mental health solutions.

EP 42: How Sofa-Shopping Nightmares Fueled a Dream Business
April 8, 2019 Stephen Kuhl | Co-founder of Burrow

The story of how two Wharton Business School students struggled to find affordable and convenient seating options for their apartments but found a business idea instead.

How An Alumni Connection Led AVG to Sapho—Which Was Acquired for $200M
March 26, 2019 Ryan Burleson | Producer, Founders & Funders

Subscribe to Founders and Funders on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRADIO, and Android Podcast Players. Episode Summary Though Alumni Ventures Group is now comprised of more than 20 venture capital funds, it started with just one: Green D Ventures. The idea was to create a new kind of venture fund, one based on affinity […]

EP 41: Why Rob Bibow (CBS ’96) Took the Helm at Fission Ventures
March 21, 2019 Rob Bibow | Managing Partner at Fission Ventures

Rob Bibow, a fourth generation Columbia grad, is helping fellow alums invest in an asset class that has long been inaccessible to even the most sophisticated investors.