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A podcast about leveraging venture capital to build great companies, brought you by host Shelley Hunter (Gift Card Girlfriend) and producer Ryan Burleson (New York Times, Boston Globe)

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Most Recent Episodes

EP 39: How One Globetrotting Princeton Alum Became Managing Partner of Nassau Street Ventures
March 7, 2019 Tom Meyer | Managing Partner at Nassau Street Ventures

This week on Founders & Funders, Tom Meyer—Managing Partner of Nassau Street Ventures—talks about the unparalleled asset allocation opportunity on offer for Princeton University alums

EP 38: Former Yale Bulldog Blitzes the Auto Industry with 3D Printing
February 26, 2019 Kevin Czinger | Founder and CEO of Divergent 3D

Kevin Czinger, the founder of Divergent 3D, is challenging the auto industry’s reliance on 100-year-old manufacturing systems that cannot be sustained.

BONUS EPISODE: Sounds and Scenes from Spirits & Startups New York City
February 19, 2019 Ryan Burleson | Producer, Founders & Funders

How AVG's quarterly appreciation event deepens possibility for the investors, founders, VCs, and AVG team members who attend

EP 37: Former College Kicker Tees Up the Future of Corporate Training with VR
February 18, 2019 Derek Belch | Founder and CEO of STRIVR

Derek Belch, founder and CEO of STRIVR, started out simply helping athletes improve performance through the use of virtual reality. Now the company is using VR to improve preparation that leads to better performance, regardless of the job.

EP 36: Andy Palmer Has Worked for 50+ Companies. Now He’s All In with Tamr.
February 13, 2019 Andy Palmer | CEO and Co-founder of TAMR

Andy Palmer has oscillated between investing in and operating startups for many years. Now he plans to dedicate the rest of his career to Tamr. Palmer appeared on Founders & Funders to tell us why.