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A podcast about leveraging venture capital to build great companies, brought you by host Shelley Hunter (Gift Card Girlfriend) and producer Ryan Burleson (New York Times, Boston Globe)

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EP 52: How Dartmouth Grads Leveraged Tech to Clean the Laundry Business
July 20, 2019 Ajay Prakash | CEO and Co-founder of Rinse

For years, Rinse Co-Founders Ajay Prakash and James Joun wondered how to increase sales in the static dry cleaning industry. They developed a solution that uses tech to facilitate laundry and dry cleaning pickup with smart scheduling and predictability for everyone involved. Within a few short years, the company updated an industry and increased business for local dry cleaners.

EP 51: How Kelsey Hunter Learned That Messaging is the Future of E-Commerce
July 18, 2019 Kelsey Hunter | CEO and Founder of Paloma

To prove she could generate conversions through Facebook Messenger, Kelsey Hunter spent six weeks interacting with customers on the platform as though she were a chatbot. During this time, she discovered that people were more likely to engage with the chatbot if she asked questions. This prompted her to build an e-commerce tool that helps businesses turn Messenger into a new sales funnel.

EP 50: An Answer to the Country’s Student Loan Crisis
July 10, 2019 David Klein and Veena Ramaswamy | CommonBond

After working in corporate America, David Klein attended business school with the goal of starting a company before he graduated. Ironically, the cost of attending business school exposed the very problem he would develop CommonBond to solve. He explains how the company is aiming to help fix the student loan crisis by addressing high interest rates, complex processes, and poor customer service.

EP 49: Why Robots Can’t (And Shouldn’t!) Be Fully Autonomous
July 2, 2019 David Mindell | CEO and Co-founder of Humatics

Does the idea of riding in a fully-autonomous vehicle concern you? According to David Mindell, CEO and Co-Founder of Humatics, it should. It doesn’t make sense, he says, for a robot of any type to be independent of its environment. That’s why Mindell and his team at Humatics are revolutionizing how people and machines locate, navigate, and collaborate in what he calls “situated autonomy.”

It’s 2019. Here’s Why Your Diversification Strategy Should Include VC.
June 24, 2019 Laura Rippy and Lacey Johnson | Investment Team, Green D Ventures

Why is diversification important, and how can venture capital take a good mix of investments to a great one? Green D Ventures Managing Partner Laura Rippy and Partner Lacey Johnson unpack the rationale behind diversification in a way that’s helpful no matter where you are in your investing journey. They discuss time horizons, risk tolerance, and several other relevant concepts.

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