Social Impact Fund

Smart, Simple Venture Investing with Social Impact

Investment Thesis

Venture investing for double bottom-line investors

Launching Q2 2021

We invest in ventures that have a positive social impact such as addressing sustainability, education, community building, economic opportunity, poverty alleviation, and more.

  1. Returns of impact investing are comparable to those of conventional funds (Cambridge Associates)
  2. In some instances, social impact investments have delivered even stronger returns than other funds (Cambridge Associates)
  3. Impact investing is anticipated to grow to more than $300B by 2020 (McKinsey)

How it Works

Data-driven and process-based investors

Deal Sourcing and Diligence

  • ~50  investment professionals sourcing deals out of 5 offices
  • Supplemented by eyes and ears support from our network of 550k subscribers and community members
  • Data-rich and process-based diligence with rigorous deal scoring
  • Co-invest alongside leading venture investors

Investment Process

  • Every deal sourced by one of our Alumni Funds is screened to determine if it fits within the Social Impact Fund investment mandate
  • AVG’s centralized investment team, led by our CIO and office of investing, makes investment selections from the potential deals to optimize diversification by stage, sector, and geography to create a portfolio of ~20-30 deals
  • Social Impact Fund portfolios are constructed over a period of approximately 12-15 months and represent a mix of deals sourced and sponsored by our Alumni Funds

Smart, Simple Venture Investing

Open to All Accredited Investors


  • Portfolio consists of ~20-30 companies, diversified by stage, sector, and geography within the investment mandate
  • Venture portfolio professionally managed by our experienced investment professionals
  • Co-invest alongside leading venture investors


  • $25K minimum investment
  • Online signing process takes just minutes
  • White-glove support from our Investor Relations team

Social Impact Fund Portfolio

Made possible by our ~50 investment professionals and network of 550k subscribers and community members

Our Secret Sauce

Powerful deal flow network



550k suscribers and community members engaged in our venture ecosystem.



AVG was recognized by PitchBook as the third most active VC firm in the U.S. in 2019.



Invest in deals most individuals never know about or get access to.