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EP 43: A Former Army Captain in the Middle of a New Fight

Guest: Christopher Molaro, Co-Founder and CEO of Neuroflow

EP 43: A Former Army Captain in the Middle of a New Fight

Christopher Molaro | Founder of Neuroflow Solutions

When Chris Molaro set out to improve the connection between physical and mental health treatment, he hoped to increase follow-through and adoption. But his technology is now poised to identify more effective and faster-acting mental health solutions.

Christoper Molaro, founder of NeuroFlow Solutions

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Episode Summary

Christopher Molaro is a former Army captain who, over the course of a six-year tenure, led a platoon of roughly 40 soldiers in 280 Iraqi combat missions. Together, they experienced the full spectrum of danger overseas. But Molaro didn’t realize that a grave risk also awaited many of his comrades back home in the U.S.: A lack of mental healthcare awareness and resources.

This dynamic became more evident—and deeply personal—when one of Molaro’s colleagues took his own life. After returning home from war, the soldier was diagnosed with depression and PTSD and referred to a specialist. But he never followed up. Molaro would soon discover that was a pattern: Roughly 80% of patients with behavioral health issues will visit a physical health provider but never attend that first appointment with a mental health specialist.

Molaro, a trained systems engineer, decided to develop a solution. He enlisted a partner and started researching how to bridge gaps between physical and mental health care. Together, they studied how to facilitate appointment follow-through, enable remote monitoring, and coordinate care with other specialists. They also developed an app that hosts resources and charts progress—a feature that provides hope and inspires continued engagement.

Listen to this episode to learn more about the resulting company, Neuroflow Solutions, and the avenues it’s opening to more effective treatment options. You’ll also hear about how a last-minute pivot saved the technology and the company.

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