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What Sea Turtles Can Teach Us About Venture Capital Diversification
October 18, 2019

Baby sea turtles are born into a dangerous world. Each clutch of about a hundred eggs will endure a never-ending gauntlet of hungry birds, deadly waves, and deep sea predators. Only 2% of these young reptiles will ever make it to adulthood. Like the sea turtle, startups face many obstacles to survive. The US Department […]

Meet Larry Jen, Managing Partner at Westwood Ventures
October 3, 2019

Larry Jen is one of the most recent additions to AVG’s investment teams, serving as Managing Partner of the recently launched fund for UCLA alumni, Westwood Ventures. Larry sat down with us to talk about what sparked his interest in VC and how he got started in the industry. What’s your connection to UCLA?   I […]

Meet Erik Hammer, AVG’s Chicago Principal
October 3, 2019

Erik Hammer recently joined the AVG team as a Principal in our Chicago office, focused on early-stage equity investments. We were able to catch up with Erik to chat about how he found his way to our firm, and how his diverse experiences have helped him build a career in the venture space. How did […]

Investment Strategy Series: Deal Awareness & Sourcing
October 3, 2019

Venture capital moves at a breakneck pace. A single firm will meet with thousands of entrepreneurs every year, all seeking capital to help build their businesses. According to Crunchbase, 2018 was the most active deal-making year on record, with global VC deal volume jumping by 32% to just over 34,000 done for the year and […]

The Case for Diversification into Venture Capital
October 2, 2019

Venture capital can be an appropriate addition to an accredited investor’s portfolio, in part due to the potential of VC to deliver higher returns than other investment opportunities. In addition, as more startups stay private longer or don’t go public at all, VC has also become a more important strategy for building a diversified portfolio.  […]

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