EP 56: The Software Team That’s Revolutionizing Sleep Health

Daniel Gartenberg | CEO and Co-founder of Sonic Sleep

Daniel Gartenberg wants people to sleep better, and he’s banking on a tech solution that could outperform sleep aids and therapeutics.

Daniel Gartenberg of Sonic Sleep

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Episode Summary

Daniel Gartenberg, CEO and Co-founder of Sonic Sleep—and a formerly sleep-deprived high school student—is obsessed with sleep quality and the health benefits it derives. So he and a team of technologists built a software tool that uses sound, atmosphere, and diagnostics to make sleep more regenerative. His hope is that people will eventually transition from using prescription sleep aids to software solutions that provide long-term benefits without negative side effects.

Some of Gartenberg’s best ideas came almost too early.

“After working for a major wearable company that used motion algorithms,” he shares on Founders & Funders, “I discovered that you really needed heart rate to accurately measure sleep in real time. I actually gave up for two years, and I worked on another startup. Then, when the Apple Watch came out, I realized that what I’d always imagined for this technology finally existed for third-party developers. That’s what reinvigorated this whole thing.”

Though reenergized, Daniel still had some hurdles to climb. He needed funding, defendable information protection, developers, and a working product.

Listen to this episode to learn how Sleep Sonic got its start, how Daniel funded the initiative, and the total impact he believes better quality sleep can have on all of us.

About Daniel Gartenberg

Daniel Gartenberg, aka Dr. Snooze, is the CEO and Co-founder of Sonic Sleep and also an adjunct assistant professor at Penn State University. With a background in cognitive psychology and expertise in sleep, A.I., and preventive health, he has spent most of his career focused on improving sleep health.

Sonic Sleep is a portfolio company of Bascom Ventures and Chestnut Street Ventures.


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