EP 51: How Kelsey Hunter Learned That Messaging is the Future of E-Commerce
July 18, 2019
Kelsey Hunter, CEO of Paloma, spent six weeks acting as a chatbot to learn how to engage with customers in a messaging app. Now her…
EP 50: An Answer to the Country’s Student Loan Crisis
July 10, 2019
David Klein used his student loan struggles as a spark to provide a better option for the next generation of students.
EP 49: Why Robots Can’t (And Shouldn’t!) Be Fully Autonomous
July 2, 2019
From aerospace to factory floors, David Mindell is bringing precision navigation and "interconnectedness" to the world of robotics.
It’s 2019. Here’s Why Your Diversification Strategy Should Include VC.
June 24, 2019
Laura Rippy (Managing Partner, Green D Ventures) and Lacey Johnson (Partner, Green D Ventures) discuss the rationale behind diversification when more companies are staying private…
Fund Feature: How Greg Baker, MP of Bascom, Embraces Midwestern Goodness
June 11, 2019
He may not represent an Ivy League school, but Greg Baker, Managing Partner of Bascom Ventures, says his fellow Badgers are more than keeping pace…
EP 48: How Tari Identifies and Improves Your Digital Net Worth
June 11, 2019
You don’t have to understand blockchain to establish ownership of your digital assets. Tari’s Naveen Jain tells us how. Subscribe to Founders and Funders on…
EP 47: How Better Microphones in Smart Devices Could Save Lives
June 10, 2019
Matt Crowley, CEO of Vesper, shares how the company’s proprietary MEMS tech dramatically improves the reliability and reach of smart devices.
Report: Spirits & Startups San Francisco
May 31, 2019
What do AVG’s investor appreciation events sound like? And why would anyone make the effort to attend one? Producer Ryan Burleson crisscrosses the U.S.A. to…
EP 46: The CEO Who Convinced Bob Dylan to Pick a New Name
May 28, 2019
Marc Bushala, CEO of Heaven’s Door Spirits, talks about the ease and challenges of starting a brand with a highly-coveted celebrity endorsement.
EP 45: An Online Marketplace with the Power to Save the Retail Industry
May 14, 2019
Producing too much of the wrong thing leads to cash problems and shuttered doors. Hingeto connects brands to new retail channels, solving one of the…
EP 44: Why Deserve’s Founder Believes That Creditworthiness Should Be Based on Potential
May 2, 2019
When banks wouldn’t bite on Kalpesh Kapadia’s new credit-scoring system, he started his own company to prove that a person’s potential is a better indicator…
EP 43: A Former Army Captain in the Middle of a New Fight
April 17, 2019
When Chris Molaro set out to improve the connection between physical and mental health treatment, he hoped to increase follow-through and adoption. But his technology…
EP 42: How Sofa-Shopping Nightmares Fueled a Dream Business
April 8, 2019
Two Wharton Business School students struggled to find affordable and convenient seating options for their apartments. So they created Burrow, a hot furniture startup and…
How An Alumni Connection Led AVG to Sapho—Which Was Acquired for $200M
March 26, 2019
Subscribe to Founders and Funders on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRADIO, and Android Podcast Players. Episode Summary Though Alumni Ventures Group is now comprised…