VC/Unpacked #13: Daniel Kahneman
July 8, 2021
Daniel Kahneman is often called “the godfather of behavioral economics.” His ideas have been life-changing for Mike and many other company leaders. In this edition…
VC/Unpacked #12: Watch & Learn – Blockchain
May 12, 2021
Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change the modern human experience. Check out Mike's recommendations to get up to speed on this emerging technology.
Emerging U.S. Markets: A White Paper Report
April 20, 2021
The past 50 years of venture investing have largely been dominated by three key venture hubs in the U.S.: California, New York City, and Boston.…
The Global Emerging Market Story: A White Paper Report
April 10, 2021
In this recent white paper, we explore the trends, opportunities, and challenges of venture investing in international emerging markets. We postulate that emerging markets offer…
VC/Unpacked #11: Builders
April 7, 2021
In this edition of VC/Unpacked, Mike shares a few of his favorite reading and listening recommendations for anyone building something new and innovative.
Verify Once, Invest Anywhere
April 4, 2021
Parallel Markets CEO Tony Peccatiello shares how Parallel Markets is improving the investor accreditation process.
EP 65: Finding the Next Big Idea with Heleo
March 24, 2021
Heleo collaborates with prominent authors to curate thought-provoking ideas for users. The content is delivered under the Next Big Idea Club brand via a subscription…
VC/Unpacked #10: Why I Hire Athletes
March 12, 2021
In this edition of VC/Unpacked, Mike shares his content "keepers" relating to sports that also have solid lessons for entrepreneurs.
VC/Unpacked #9: The VC Twitterverse
February 17, 2021
In this edition of VC/Unpacked, Mike recommends the best accounts to follow in the VC Twitterverse and some entertaining reads about VCs on social media.
VC/Unpacked #8: Poker Is Life
January 22, 2021
In this edition of VC/Unpacked, Mike's recommendations explore the connections between venture capital, poker, and the science of decision-making.
VC/Unpacked #7: Motivation
January 7, 2021
Mike recommends some great reads and listens that hone one of the most underrated superpowers: insight into human motivation.
VC/Unpacked: Doing Well & Doing Good
December 23, 2020
Mike shares some of his go-tos for keeping perspective, balance, and meaning in your life in this week's edition of VC/Unpacked.
VC/Unpacked: Next-Level Productivity
December 4, 2020
In this edition of VC/Unpacked, Mike recommends two great reads and a hit podcast to help take your productivity to the next level.
Our Basecamp Fund Team’s Value-Add
December 2, 2020
In this video, the Basecamp team discusses how they collaborate with and complement each other, as well as the value-add they offer our portfolio companies.