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Sesame: Direct Pay Healthcare Marketplace
April 3, 2020

Sesame’s online, direct pay marketplace is aiming to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and transparent, with a specific focus on assisting uninsured or underinsured individuals. With COVID-19 in mind, Sesame has introduced a virtual appointments platform that allows providers to safely continue their practice and treat patients.

Gallant is Regenerating Pets’ Quality of Life
April 2, 2020

Though it’s been 15 years since the first animals were treated with stem cell therapy, it hasn’t been easily accessible to the average pet owner due to the associated costs and lack of availability. Now, portfolio company Gallant is bringing this innovative science to the pet care market where consumers spend over $18B a year in the U.S. alone.

How Motif FoodWorks is Changing Sustainable Protein
April 1, 2020

Motif FoodWorks has enlisted a team of industry veterans to develop the next generation of plant-based foods. The company’s cutting-edge technology synthesizes ingredients to create healthy alternative protein without sacrificing taste or environmental sustainability. 

Unlocking Cash Flow for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses
March 31, 2020

While small businesses are a significant part of the economy, roughly half will fold within their first five years. Having access to extra working capital to handle invoices, payroll, or rent can be meaningful for entrepreneurs. Plastiq provides small and mid-sized businesses with the means to manage their working capital cycle with a flexible payment platform.

E25Bio: Developing Accurate, Affordable Tests for COVID-19
March 28, 2020

E25Bio, an AVG portfolio company, develops technology to more quickly, accurately, and affordably diagnose diseases such as dengue and zika. Powered by a recent round led by Khosla Ventures, E25Bio is directing its attention to developing a similar test to diagnose COVID-19.

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