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Oura: A Case Study of How We Access Deals
August 10, 2020

After Blue Ivy Ventures Managing Partner David Shapiro recommended a book to AVG CEO Mike Collins, the conversation prompted him to explore investment opportunities in the sleep tech space. A year later, David leveraged an alumni connection to access a deal with Oura, a company using a wellness ring and software application to help track potential cases of COVID-19.

Deep Tech Investment Announcement: Unlearn.AI
August 3, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that we have made our second investment into the Deep Tech Fund: Unlearn.AI. Learn how this company accelerates clinical trials by using artificial intelligence.

AVG Launches VentureCorps
July 30, 2020

AVG launches VentureCorps, a paid, full-time, yearlong VC apprenticeship program for upperclassmen and graduate students on leave from or deferring higher education.

Accolade: A Case Study in Making Connections
July 28, 2020

Learn how AVG was able to access a deal with Accolade through alumni relationships.

Science Strikes Back: AI & Machine Learning
July 27, 2020

Explosive growth in available data, advanced algorithms, and computing power are enabling machines to solve increasingly complex problems. These 9 tech sectors are innovating with AI and machine learning.

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