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Spotlighting Two Deals in the Emerging Markets Portfolio
May 13, 2021

To help illustrate the diversity and promise of our Emerging Markets Fund, we wanted to turn the spotlight on two deals recently added to the portfolio: TripleBlind and Matchwell.

VC/Unpacked #12: Watch & Learn – Blockchain
May 12, 2021

Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change the modern human experience. Check out Mike’s recommendations to get up to speed on this emerging technology.

Zapata: Accelerating the Quantum Revolution
May 11, 2021

Zapata Computing, an Alumni Ventures Group portfolio company, has developed a software stack that lets corporations use quantum computing to address their hardest problems. The company’s software serves as a much-needed integration layer between hardware providers and customers seeking application solutions. 

A Spotlight On Our Co-Investors In Emerging Markets
May 7, 2021

Today, we wanted to examine just a few of our co-investors who are leaning into emerging markets. It’s the practice of Alumni Ventures to co-invest with other established venture firms who lead the deal and negotiate terms. We do this to leverage their knowledge of markets and sectors, giving us greater ability to intelligently diversify investors’ portfolios. Note that many of the deals mentioned here are in the general Alumni Ventures portfolio, not part of the Emerging Markets Fund.

Groq: Improving AI and Machine Learning
May 5, 2021

Groq is the inventor of the Tensor Streaming Processor (TSP) architecture-based chip to improve AI and machine learning. This simplified processing architecture provides a unique and deterministic (state or condition that always produces the same results) performance for compute-intensive workloads to help facilitate AI and deep learning technology.

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