Blockchain FAQs

The Most Common Questions from Our Investors

Our fund offers you a smart, simple way to invest in the blockchain and distributed ledger technology sector. We provide investors with a diversified portfolio of about 15-30 blockchain tokens and assets. We do our homework, rely on solid investing fundamentals, perform our own due diligence, and consult experts. We also diversify assets and, when possible, use dollar-cost average buying and selling to help mitigate market timing risk. The minimum investor amount is $50k; the maximum is $1M.

Yes, to some extent, but many of the deals we see are not publicly available. Further, we offer careful vetting, analysis, dollar-cost average buying and selling, and secure storage. We think this is the smartest, simplest way for most individuals to invest in this asset class.

When we invest, we seek to do so alongside experienced, informed professional investors, including institutional venture firms. Our global network enables this co-investment strategy. With blockchain and distributed ledger, we greatly value the pedigree of our co-investors, although they are different than other parts of the venture market due to the nascent nature of blockchain and related technologies.

Each of our funds has a full-time team of two portfolio professionals—a Managing Partner and a Principal—with significant venture investing experience. This team is complemented by an Investment Committee and a technical Advisory Board.

When the fund has a liquidity event, we send distribution checks to investors immediately.

Alumni Ventures Group is the management company for all our funds. You can see the full fund list on the Alumni Ventures Group website.

Please see our portfolio page at the AVG website.

The fund is open to Accredited Investors who are also either a Qualified Client or Qualified Purchaser. A Qualified Client is someone with $2.1M+ net worth as an individual or combined with a spouse, excluding value of primary residence, or a natural person or company that has $1M+ under management with Alumni Ventures Group. A Qualified Purchaser is someone with $5M+ in investments as an individual or combined with a spouse, excluding value of primary residence, or a family-held entity that owns $5 million or more in investments, or a institutional investor managing $25M+ in investments, or a company, trust, or entity with $25M+ in investments.

Blockchain is an innovative, distributed, shared ledger technology that facilitates new ways of recording transactions and tracking assets in a worldwide, digitally connected economy. Virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded on a distributed ledger network. The technology is still early, but it has enormous potential—at the scale of the Internet. Among the applications: financial services, identity, computing power, social media, rights management, and more. Investing now is both potentially lucrative and appropriate in the context of a sophisticated and diversified portfolio.

Our funds source investments through our team’s research, referrals by other AVG funds, via our 200,000+ community of supporters, and through collaborative professional relationships with other blockchain investors. Currently, we review about 30-35 investment opportunities for every one that we add to the portfolio.

We start with a broad funnel, allowing us to choose the best deals that we see. Normally, we meet monthly with our Investment Committee. Key considerations for deals: market opportunity, deal terms, traction, team—all the same venture investing fundamentals apply here.

Our fees are industry standard: a 2% annual management fee used to cover business costs each year of the 10-year life of the fund and 20% carry, which is only applied after all of the original total investment has been returned to investors. There are no additional fees or expenses associated with investing through us. If you are investing via a trust or retirement vehicle, your account managers will likely charge you fees for setting up and maintaining those accounts.

Simply put: Low Friction. Large Rolodex. We offer a streamlined process and rapid funding. We don’t take Board seats or negotiate terms, and can offer the connections and resources of our large community. In blockchain in particular, market awareness and connections matter.

Lead investors appreciate our involvement for several reasons: Our checks are helpful but not competitive and we fund quickly with little fuss if we decide to do a deal. Finally, we can help them by sharing deals and by providing important contacts and relationships to the portfolio companies.

Our investment minimum is $50k and the maximum is $1M. The Managing Partner may make exceptions to those rules.

Yes. We work with a third party who sets up an IRA on an investor’s behalf and manages all administration. Monies can be transferred without penalty or without jeopardizing tax-deferred status and then invested in a fund “for the benefit of” the investor.

The AVG Blockchain Fund portfolio is created for investors by our team—investors do not pick and choose.

We provide a K-1 by the end of February or early March each year.

You can access information about your portfolio 24/7 via our secure online Investor Portal. There you will find details about portfolio composition, valuation, statements, company updates, and your tax docs.

Yes, institutions can invest in any of our focused funds.

Entrepreneurs appreciate our streamlined, responsive process. In as little as 2-6 weeks, we can move from initial conversation to investor, with little extra work on their part. In addition, we don’t dictate terms or take Board seats. We our extensive network connections which can be very helpful.

We look for strong co-investors with expertise in blockchain, a top-flight team, aligned incentives, and traditional indicators that this is a good investment and mutually beneficial partnership.

Our investments are generally from $100k-$500K, with the opportunity for up to $2M or more if sister funds participate or the deal gets syndicated.

Please visit the AVG Resources Page to learn more and get in touch.

We welcome supporters who are interested in what we’re doing. Our greatest source of investors, deals, and consultant referrals comes from our global network of supporters. To stay in touch, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletters, mobile app, and podcast.

The Venture Fellow Program is designed for distinguished young professionals who want an inside look at venture investing and entrepreneurial careers. In exchange for a modest weekly time commitment helping the funds do outreach and research deals, Fellows get a valuable experience and professional entry point into VC. The work is remote and on your own schedule. For more about the program, go to the Alumni Ventures Group Venture Fellow Program page.

Yes. Please visit the AVG website to learn more.

The Resource Connector is a self-service database of alumni and fund investors who have listed themselves or their businesses as resources for entrepreneurs. Please visit the AVG website to learn more.

Alumni Ventures Group is developing a program with introductory courses to VC for interested investors. The courses will be free, open to all, and aimed at helping investors better understand the asset class. Please visit the AVG website to learn more.

We offer a monthly newsletter. We also offer a mobile app, with regular updates on our portfolio companies. In addition, we have a podcast which introduces listeners to our portfolio companies, fund managers, other professional VCs, and more. Please visit the AVG website to learn more.