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Benefits of Venture Investing Part 5: Align Your Investment Strategy to Your Values and Passions

Final part of the 5 part series on the benefits of adding venture capital to your portfolio

Benefits of Venture Investing Part 5: Personalization

February 24, 2021 | Jeannie Masters

When you imagine the venture capital industry, you might immediately think “high risk,” “exclusive,” and “elite.” While it’s true that this asset class is high-risk/high-reward, serious firms conduct far more diligence than TV would lead you to believe, and venture is an asset any individual accredited investor can own.

There are a number of financial and inspiring reasons to consider adding VC to your investment mix. At AVG, we have compiled a list of five compelling reasons to consider venture investing. Today we will discuss the final reason in the series.


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Reason #5: You Can Align Your Investment Strategy to Your Values and Passions 

If you want your investments to truly make a difference, venture investing allows you to invest in areas that align with your values and passions. As AVG CEO Mike Collins said, “The world today is really driven by the entrepreneurial economy. It has great power to do good.”

Investing in a venture brings much needed capital to fuel the ideas, creativity, and relentless energy of innovators and entrepreneurs. Venture-backed entrepreneurs are forming companies with the potential to change industries, and your investment can play a role in contributing to their good work.

If you’re passionate about science, equality, diversity, or even supporting the startups of your alumni entrepreneurial ecosystem, there is a venture capital fund to align your beliefs, values, and priorities. “Doing good” and “doing well” do not need to be mutually exclusive concepts.



If you’re interested in impact investing while building your portfolio, invest in a fund with a focus that excites you. AVG offers a number of special thesis funds that aim to deliver you the potential for positive returns by backing companies that address your passions.


Financial and Inspiring Reasons to Consider Adding VC to Your Investment Mix

Check out a recent guide, titled Five Compelling Reasons to Start Venture Investing, to discover all five in-depth benefits of adding Venture to your portfolio.


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Alumni Ventures Group (AVG) is democratizing the venture asset class by offering a path for accredited individuals to own an actively managed, diversified venture portfolio (about 20-200 investments per fund), co-investing alongside experienced VC firms. 

We invite you to learn more by speaking with a member of our team. If you are interested specifically in our alumni-based funds, click here to select your fund.

Not sure if you’re accredited? Here’s how to easily find out.  


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